Preparations are underway at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara to welcome Garangao a much-awaited annual tradition in Qatar. The event, expected to draw in huge number of children and their families, this Friday, 9 June.

Garangao is a traditional children’s party celebrated after  breaking the fast, specifically on the 14th night of Ramadan, which is halfway through the Holy Month of fasting. The festival is celebrated in the GCC region. During the festival, children dressed up in traditional robes, carrying bags or baskets, go around in groups in the neighbourhood, singing special songs. They knock on the doors of neighbours and plazas, where people welcome them with candy and nuts.

The colourful festival, which usually revolves around children and families, is seen by many as a revival of old Qatari traditions, highlighting the value of cooperation among families and neighbours. The festival reflects the importance of social bonds and community cohesion in an atmosphere of love, caring and sharing.

Katara’s Ramadan 2017 – Garangao Night will offer several activities and programmes designed to provide visiting children and their families a great entertaining and learning experience. Children will receive gifts and listen to traditional Garangao songs.

The Katara – Garangao Night comes as part of the Cultural Village’s Ramadan Festival plan that includes the use of innovational methods to raise awareness on health issues, while preserving Arab and Islamic identity and revive old traditions. The origin of the word Garangao comes from the Gulf word Gara, which is the sound of things knocking together.

On the occasion of Garangao, the ‘Find Your Treasure Competition’ which normally takes place on Fridays, will take place on Thursday, 8 June, after Tarawih prayer. According to details provided by competition organisers, participants are asked to look for 10 hidden treasure boxes by referring to provided on a treasure hunt map. A new map will be distributed every Thursday along with the newspapers, and it will also be published through Katara’s website and social media platforms.

Following the treasure hunt, contestants will be asked to head towards the competition kiosk with the treasure box, located in Meerat Ramadan in Katara’s southern area, to find out whether they’re one of the lucky winners. Three winners will be announced every week, each of whom will receive awards worth QAR 2,000 each, among other prizes.

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