Katara Hospitality has recently announced the launch of a new fine dining concept, Whimsy, aimed to further enrich the tourism experience in Qatar.

Whimsy combines award-winning international chefs with state of the art 360 projection technology into an epicurean journey that is out of this world. Whimsy will delight your senses with exquisite creations inspired by a fusion of art and flavours, letting your imagination soar on an adventure of sight and sound.

Whimsy Katara Hospitality

According to Andrew Humphries, Acting CEO of Katara Hospitality, Qatar is witnessing unprecedented growth in high-level hospitality projects, thanks to the economic boom that has allowed hotels to increase.

Our commitment is to invest in the development of the country’s tourism industry and enhance Qatar’s hospitality sector. It is one of the most important aspects of investment, which should be considered as one of the largest sectors contributing to the global GDP, and which has made it one of the most important sources of capital bringing economic growth forward.’

Humphries added that tourism plays a role in increasing the capacity of productive countries and stimulating the movement of industrial production and investment in other sectors. Such tourism initiatives are an integral part of the total investment of any country to maximise the impact of tourism investment on other sectors.

The ‘Whimsy’ Concept

Whimsy offers a blend of award-winning global chefs with the latest 360-degree display technology to offer guests a journey of imagination, enabling them to experience innovative dishes inspired by art and flavour, in a space of visual and sound effects.


Whimsy strives to elevate lifestyle and transcend the boundaries of dining and entertainment in Qatar, offering everyone the most outstanding experience.

The Ritz-Carlton
A standard room at The Ritz-Carlton, Doha

In 2017, Katara Hospitality worked on a comprehensive refurbishment of The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, the first luxury five-star hotel opened in Qatar in 2001. It strengthened the new design of the 374 guest rooms, to reflect the hotel’s refined atmosphere and distinctive hospitality. This large-scale transformation included the modernisation of all guest rooms, the spa and the VIP club lounge, as a step to redefine the luxury of the city’s business centre.

The famous hotel, owned by Katara Hospitality, is an important landmark and an iconic symbol of Qatar. The concept of restaurants located in the hotel, including B-Lounge and STK (Steakhouse) and others, has been redeveloped during the renovation phase.

The hospitality sector in Qatar is constantly booming, especially after Qatar has succeeded in attracting the most important international events in 2020. With the tourism sector growing dramatically and the demand for hospitality services increasing across the region, Katara Hospitality is working to meet these demands by focusing on the development of its hotels. Visit katarahospitality.com for updates and more information. 

For reservations, visit ritzcarlton.com/doha or call 4484 8000.