The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara is gearing up to host the first edition of Katara International Exhibition for Hunting and Falcons next month. The festival, to be held on 20 – 24 September, has attracted numerous institutes specialising in falconry and hunting, guaranteeing visitors a unique opportunity to observe the birds of prey up-close.

The festival reflects Katara’s aim to preserve and promote Qatar’s rich culture and heritage, providing a world-class platform for enthusiasts and practitioners of falconry.

Speaking on the exhibition, General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti outlined Katara’s role in supporting traditional events and activities. He pointed out that such endeavours are significant as they encourage the bond between Qataris and their heritage while passing on authentic cultural values and traditions to young Qataris.

We expect that the first edition of the exhibition will witness a wide range of local and international participants, as this sport is considered to be the passion of many. The fact that it is held at Katara, is a matter of pride for us, as it will enhance the reputation of the village. Katara is already renowned for its heritage-based activities and has successfully made its presence felt in the tourism-heritage market, in the region and beyond.  By hosting this exhibition, we expect to attract sectors that promote heritage, culture and tourism, as well as commercial organisations.’

Katara’s general manager also said that the necessary coordination has been made to provide all facilities essential to traders, falconers’ and hunting weapons institutes.

Katara’s International Hunting and Falcons exhibition aims to support various cultural, sport and commercial sectors in hunting and falconry. The exhibition also hopes to boost mutually beneficial relationships between amateur and veteran falcon handlers and traders, as well as explore products and services that attract the youth towards this heritage sport.

The exhibition will witness activities like aerial shooting performance by the Qatar Shooting Association and archery by the Qatar Olympic Committee. Al-Rami Sports Club, which is associated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, will also showcase their skills in various shooting events. The Shooting Club will provide a specialised team to greet the public and introduce all shooting events throughout the duration of the exhibition.     

The international exhibition promises to offer an array of activities including daily bird auctions, a hunting and falconry exhibition, poetic evenings, informative lectures on the safety of falcon-handlers and training for children on the various aspects of falconry. The exhibition will also dedicate a pavilion that will showcase traditional hand-crafted items considered essential to hunting and falconry.

The exhibition is scheduled to be held at Building 12 of Katara’s Wisdom Square.

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