To enhance the art scene through educational, artistic and scientific endeavours, the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, in collaboration with the Youth Hobbies Centre and Qatar University, hosted an exhibition titled ‘Art of Science’, which opened recently in Katara.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of the Deputy General Manager and Head of Operations of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, Ahmad Al-Sayed, media personnel and educational representatives at the Youth Hobbies Centre.

The display, consisting of 44 photographs, explores the interplay and links between science and art, and presents an artistic interpretation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The exhibition depicts the beauty of science as experienced by students, researchers and scientists working in scientific labs in schools and research institutions. The photographs were captured in schools across the country and in the Centre of Advanced Materials (CAM) at Qatar University.

The 2017 Art of Science exhibition comes under an educational programme called AL-Bairaq, an educational programme that aims to support Qatar’s commitment to develop a knowledge-based economy, enriching its human capital and improving its competitiveness through innovation, entrepreneurship, and applied research. Through AL-Bairaq, students are selected, trained, and mentored to be research assistants at Qatar University. AL-Bairaq aims to transform education by providing professional-level experiences for students and investing in their personal development.

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