The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara has come alive with celebrations to mark Qatar’s National Day. The village was buzzing with excitement on the opening days, as residents crowded the venue in a spirit of patriotism and brotherhood. They were in for a treat as 60 carefully hand-picked and choreographed events made for a spectacular entertainment line-up, offering entertainment for every age group.

A daily scene at Katara’s waterfront from the Qatari National Ardah received the visitors’ attention, as the performers showed their patriotism and loyalty to the leader. A big draw at the Cultural Village is a dancing fountain, accompanied by national songs. The fountain ‘show’ takes place every 20 minutes and runs from 4 pm to 10 pm. A collection of vintage cars, organised in cooperation with Al Mawater, are dotted around Katara’s premises.

An Allegiance Book, titled ‘Loyalty’ has been placed in the village, offering visitors a chance to express their love and gratitude to the nation and its wise leadership. The pavilion also showcases signatures of dignitaries from the previous years.

The Arts Village at Katara has left no stone unturned to present the best of arts and heritage. On display are traditional food, accessories and gift shops, commemorative prints, a decoupage shop (luxury show), sand sculptures, photographic mosaics, a pottery exhibition and workshops (Antika shop). In addition, exhibitions by the artist Ali Dasmal, artistic workshops for Reach Qatar, a currency exhibition, a post-card exhibition, video games, poetry sessions (poems and patriotic songs) and a photography competition, will be open to the public from 14 – 19 December.

7th Heaven Center, is present at Katara’s National Day Celebrations with an array of entertaining activities. The Director of 7th Heaven Center, Amal Athem elaborated on the activities and said:

The Centers’ participation at Katara’s National Day Celebrations is a remarkable one this year, as a series of creative and interactive workshops have been designed specifically for this national occasion, which is close to everyone’s hearts. These activities are held with an aim to cater to those with an inclination towards fine-arts amongst both the youngsters and adults.’

Al Atam pointed out that the center enriches the visitors’ experience as it offers them with an opportunity to express their appreciation on two murals, measuring (1.5 m x 6 m), that will be positioned next to building 15.

Children can enjoy themselves in various workshops that offer colouring and drawing, dolls, clay, alongside engraving of Qatar’s flag. Organizers have gone to great lengths to ensure that these workshops depict details relating to Qatar’s history and geography, as well as information about Katara’s iconic landmarks. Aside from these, other competitions, traditional games and interactive shows will be staged across the Cultural Village on these days.

50 Qatari outlets are participating in the daily bazaar held in cooperation with Bedaya Centre, as part of the Katara’s National Day Celebrations, from 12–19 December 2017. The outlets display products rich in Qatari culture, yet intertwined with a touch of modernity.

The opening day saw huge crowds at Katara’s Esplanade, where Qatari and expatriate families had the opportunity to enjoy the traditional tents of Al-Gannas Association, Al-Galayel Championship, and a special exhibition titled “Homeland Guardians” by Ali Jassem from Qatar, and Mohamed Hassan from Kuwait. The unique exhibition presents rare military collectibles from the 50’s and 60’s and those in use today.

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