The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara recently launched an online competition open to local and international participants, featuring various categories and cash prize as much as US$20,000 for the top prize.

According to Katara GM HE Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, details of the competitions are available on their various social media platforms, and open to everyone.

We (are) exploit(ing) this phase as all events and activities in Katara are interrupted and (all activities) are limited to online, via the internet.

He said that Katara’s mission towards the community is to raise awareness and contribute to its education, especially in these times – everyone need to innovate and be creative.

Al Sulaiti said that the competitions are literary and cultural competitions and Katara has already allocated cash prizes for winners in each competition.

The Istighfar Award and More Online Contests

The Istighfar Award is open to international and local participations. Deadline for submission of entries is 20 April 2020, via email, [email protected].

The award has three categories, all covering the theme seeking forgiveness (Istighfar):

  • Short story – 3000 to 5000 words. Winning entry will receive US$20,000.
  • Short play – 1500 to 3000 words. Prize is US$15,000.
  • Poetry – Number of lines should be 10. Prize is US$10,000.
  • Arabic calligraphy, with the words, ‘Ask forgiveness from ALLAH’. Prize is US$5,000.

The competition for local participants, ‘The Most Beautiful Recitation’ is open to Qatari students five to 15 years old. Participants should send an audio recording clip as entries. Twenty entries will be awarded with cash prizes – QAR6,000 for the first prize, QAR4,000 for the second prize and QAR3,000 for third prize winner. Fourth to 10th prize winners will receive QAR1,500 each.

Katara is also holding a painting and art competition on Instagram, with participants answering the question, ‘Who Drew this Painting?’ online. A raffle draw for three correct answers will be held every three days.

Katara is also preparing through the Al-Dad YouTube channel, a set of programmes, competitions, prizes, and entertaining and educational materials such as lessons on spelling and Arabic grammar instruction, as well as information and anecdotes about the Arabic language and stories for children.

These are in addition to 60 poems praising the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), representing the 60 winning poems from the Katara Prize for Prophet’s Poet, and the ‘Mishwar Wa Riwaya’ application (Katara Publishing House) which offers 29 audio narrations.

Visit and follow them on social media to learn more about the online competitions.