Katara Cultural Village has recently launched a design competition where artists are invited to design traffic and road signs for Katara’s internal roads.

The aim of the competition is to encourage the youths’ artistic talents and create a competitive environment between the youth. In addition, the competition has come to support Katara’s goals which is to put the spotlight on the creative activities in different fields, and to support and provide a suitable environment of creativity.

The contestants are required to design creative signboards reflecting the spirit of Katara, which is all about preserving Qatar’s heritage, preserving the Arab and Islamic traditions and also incorporating modern elements into them. The designs should be in line with the unique architectural style of Katara and should blend the traditional Qatari style with the modern international designs to convey the rules of traffic and public safety. There are no limitations based on age or nationality for contestants as the design competition is open for all those who reside inside and outside Qatar. The willing contestants can apply as individuals, groups, foundation or company.

Designs should be submitted through competition page on Katara’s website, as 3D visuals/style in PDF file in two separate files, one for the traffic signs and the other for the road signs. Designs should not be counterfeited, copied or used before. The competitors should also attach their personal details (name, country, city, email address and telephone number).

As part of the rules, Katara has the right to request any changes on the winning design and will receive the winning design according to the rules of copyrights without any objection from the winners.

The awards:

  1. The first prize is QR20,000 if the design of traffic and Road signs from the same source.
  2. The second prize is QR10,000 if one design is chosen either traffic or Road signs.

Last day of sending the designs is Tuesday 15 October 2013 and the result will be announced on Wednesday 30 October 2013.

For more information, visit Katara’s website.