Katara European JazzIn preparation of The Katara European Jazz Festival, Katara Cultural Village Foundation organised a press conference held by Ahmed Alsayed, deputy manager of operations in Katara, and the ambassadors of the five European countries, the Ambassador of France Eric Chevalier, the Ambassador of Germany Angelika Storz Charakja, the Ambassador of Italy Guido de Sanctis, the Ambassador of Switzerland Martin Ashbachr and Chargé d’affaires in Embassy of Austria in Qatar Sieglinde Fedele di Catrano.

At the opening of the conference, Alsayed expressed the keen interest of Katara to communicate and collaborate with all the embassies accredited in the State of Qatar to open important cultural and civilizational windows to introduce art and human creativity to different peoples, pointing to the host of (Katara) of the European jazz Festival which five European countries participated, expresses the cultural partnership between Qatar and Europe. Alsayed said:

Katara is spreading all kinds of musical culture, as we believe that the music is an international language with no limits, which is the most prominent and powerful links that exemplify the spirit of humanitarian dialogue and cultural communication between peoples, and this extraordinary festival involving five European countries is a platform for artistic creativity and musical expression, a unique global event of its kind. The festival presents European music, and provides a rare opportunity for all the musicians of Qatar to meet with European performers and discover European jazz music, as well as learning the various and diverse patterns. The audience of Katara will witness creativity inspired from the world of art and melody through musical dialogue in which each artist will display his style in a refined and elegant way, to reflect the music heritage of his country.

HE French Ambassador Eric Chevallier was delighted with launching of the first version of Katara European Jazz Festival, which has been made possible through the valuable support of Katara Cultural Village. The French ambassador said that Katara is an important cultural partner in Qatar, and assured that will enjoy the splendor of this music, and especially the excellent French jazz group of the well-known French percussionist Bertrand Renaudin. With his fellow-musicians Thierry Bonneaux on vibraphone, Jean-Louis Pommier (of the equally famous ZoomTop Orchestra) on trombone and Yves Torchinsky on double bass, he will be playing the group’s new opus called PLAY.

German Ambassador Angelika Storz Charakji has expressed contentment of this great artistic event which embodies the meaning of cultural partnership between friends. She also talked about the German participation in the festival, which will be through the Jan Schneider Quartett. This jazz combo consists of professional musicians based in the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf. Jan Schneider plays the trumpet and as band leader, he composed various of the pieces played. Other members are Ralf Gessler (drums), Sebastian Gahler (piano), and Mr. Nico Brandenburg (double bass). All four musicians are regular guests in numerous Jazz Festivals in Europe, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Jazz Open in Stuttgart and have produced various CD recordings with musicians from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, including the Arab and Iranian musical cultures.

Swiss Ambassador Martin Eshbakher highlighted that The event embraces the spirit of a multicultural Doha reaching out a wide public spectrum; from casual walkers to passionate jazz lovers, families, local population and expat community members, as Katara represents a remarkable and most fascinating surrounding for the musicians and the audience. He pointed out that his country will participate in the Jazz Festival with a trio of independent and talented musicians, named ‘Alptraum’. Marco Käppeli, Nick Gutersohn and Jean-Jacques Pedretti create a unique musical language that captures elements taken from various traditions and cultures, Jazz and African atmospheres. It’s a fusion of improvised and strict composed music reflecting today’s global and variegated environment. Swiss mountain alphorns, trombones and percussions will blend in a fascinating musical trip.

Italian ambassador Guido De Sanctis has expressed his gladness of the participation of his country in this artistic event, praising the cooperation between Katara and the embassies of five European countries, and introducing the Italian Italian band which will include a jazz trio under the leadership of Stefano Battaglia, a musician whose most recent works take inspiration by classic and modern literature, and Salvatore Maiore at the double base and Roberto Dani at drums are among the best known musicians in the international jazz scene.

Chargé d’affaires of Embassy of Austria in Qatar Sieglinde Fedele di Catrano also expressed in his speech his happiness to contribute in this event with the participation of Mario Rom’s Interzone, a band formed out of a need to play music at the most basic and perhaps the only sensible way: Without any rules or forced complexity. She said that the group includes three of Austria’s most promising young musicians. Despite his young age Mario ROM is already one of the leading trumpeters of his generation. Lukas  Kranzeblinder is not only one of the country’s most requested jazz bassists but also has composed an opera premiered in July 2012. Maximilian Andrezejewski is a very busy drummer in Europe and has shared stage with virtually every respected German musician.

The Katara European Jazz festival, which will be held at courtyard located behind building 5 in Katara and will also know the screening of documentaries about jazz. Some workshops will be organised by a group of international musicians in Qatar Music Academy, in collaboration with local music students, as they will have the opportunity to communicate and transfer their expertise to students of QMA, as this initiative will encourage creativity and stimulate inspiration in a multicultural learning environment, which reflects the message of Katara to introduce different cultures and build bridges of communication between peoples.