Katara Cultural Village and its strategic partner Palladium Group opened the 6th Strategic Leadership Forum in Qatar on 19 October 2015. The forum was attended by private and government entities in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United States and Italy. 

Speaking at a press conference, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti, General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation, said that the forum serves as a platform for senior officials, executives, and workers in the strategies field to come together and share ideas.

The five year strategic plan of Katara, together with these forums and exchange of expertise, has helped us to support the cultural movement in our foundation according to the standard performance indicators. Katara has become a home for creative people, and a place to disseminate cultural awareness through festivals, exhibitions, seminars, and other cultural activities.’

He added that the event comes in response to the success of previous forums in terms of representation from both private and government sectors in Qatar and abroad.

Addressing the forum, professor Robert S. Kaplan, co-founder of Palladium Group and world renowned academic, noted that the world economy underwent huge transitions from agricultural and industrial to knowledge and industrial that is now paving the way towards a new era of impact economy.

The mutual influences between business and society have increased significantly, so what was known recently as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became insufficient because it was a reaction to social pressure rather than creating real shared value. Although CSR was useful and contributed to some positive changes, the real need now is to Create Shared Value (CSV) bringing lasting impact to the society.’

Citing the difference between the two, Kaplan noted that CSR is part of side activities carried out by the company for the benefit of the society, while CSV is based on the principle of shared value which becomes an integral part of the company’s structure, operation and philosophy.

Thus both parties, the company and the society, benefit side by side.

Image caption: Professor Robert S. Kaplan addressing the forum.