Katara Ramadan Festival Continues with Launching Four Exhibitions

HE Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani, Vice Chairman of the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA), inaugurated four art exhibitions, organised by Katara as part of the cultural village’s Ramadan festival.


In the framework of the close relationship with local media institutions, Katara launched the History of Qatari Publications Printing that shed light on the fact that newspapers are still the older medium of communication with the most credible content. The exhibition highlights the first letter printed in the local newspapers and how to write headlines as well as the types of printing machines and its development.

The director of the communication and public relation department in Katara, Malika Mohammed Al Shuraim, said:

Qatari Publications Printing exhibition is very important and visitors of the cultural village Katara, especially youth, have to seize the opportunity to get the glimpse about this get the glimpse about the important phase of the publication history in Qatar. They will be introduced to the evolution of the Arabic calligraphy in print, and to the best use of modern technology in the use of Arabic script.’

Al Shuraim said that exhibition is keen to shed light on efforts made by the local newspapers at archiving the Qatari history by words and images.

As a part of its Ramadan events, Katara has also launched the Letters and Money Exhibition that will continue till the 11 August at the building No 3. The exhibition will present some of the collections of Qatari Hassan Al Nu’aimi who is one of the biggest collectors of currencies in the world.

Talking about the exhibition, Al Nu’aimi, said:

Every displayed coin has the number one of its ancient and modern issuance. The exhibition is the first of its kind that is organised by the cultural village Katara. I am pleased to continue with coordinating with Katara in any other occasions. I have a unique collection of coins from all over the world.’


Inspired by the Islamic civilization, historically expanded over large areas in the world and different cultures from the far East region of the globe to central Europe, Maher Alsamaraúa, a talented ceramic artist reflects the ceramic industry of the Islamic civilization, its multiplicity and secrecy in a special Ceramic Exhibition

With his long experience in porcelain, handcraft work and calligraphy, Alsamaraúa focuses in his exceptional artwork on the modernisation of the Islamic traditional shapes.

On the sideline of the event, the Qatari artist Rashid Mubarak Al Muhanadi has also displayed five of his paintings that deal with the ideas of holy Quran, letters and Arabic poetry. Considering himself an amateur artist who has yet to reach the degree of professionalism and excellence, Al Muhanadi has exuded thanks to the cultural village, Katara, for hosting galleries of promising Qatari artists and encourages them to be more creative.