Katara Screens Five Documentaries on Calligraphy for Ramadan

calligraphy-films-kataraAs part of Katara Cultural Village’s celebration of Arabic calligraphy during the holy month of Ramadan with the theme of ‘a touch of light illuminating the village of authenticity’; five documentary films will be screened in collaboration with Al Jazeera Documentary Channel. 

These films are Islamic Art decoration, Collecting and Writing the Quran, Abro & Colors Swim, Karim Jaafar, and Haji Noor Deen Fingerprints.

These films will take part in Katara competitions on the Internet, as you can find the questions on Katara’s website and films can be seen on Al Jazeera Documentary’s website. The five films are distinguished for approaching the Islamic civilisation and calligraphy from different perspectives. Islamic Art decoration film provides a detailed explanation of the architecture and the arts in general, including how to build mosques, minarets and domes, and decorations that adorn the walls besides the Arabic the evolution of the Arabic calligraphy. It also affords a glimpse about the mechanism of building rooms and palaces and how to decorate it using the Arabic calligraphy.

As for the film entitled, Collecting and Writing the Quran, revolves on the idea of the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad and how it was transferred to the noble companions and all the reasoning that led to the codification and collection of Quran, leading to preserving it from interpolation.

Meanwhile, the film, Abro & Colors Swim, displays the mechanism of the Abro painting on paper.

As for Karim Jaafar, the film sheds the light on the biography of the Frensh-Tunisian calligraphist, Karim Jaafar and his unique experience in calligraphy.

The film of Haji Noor Deen Fingerprints is one have to watch film that shed light on the distinguished Arab-Chinese calligrapher. Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang is a renowned master of Arabic calligraphy. Born in 1963 in Shangdong province, China, he brings an immense learning in traditional thought and Islamic art to a modern audience, juxtaposing them in a new calligraphic style all his own, both Eastern and Western. Noor Deen’s extraordinary mastery and genius along with his unique ability to spectacularly deliver his craft to an audience has brought him lecture and workshop invitations from some of the most renowned and prestigious institutions around the world, including: Harvard University, Cambridge University, University of California-Berkley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Bukhari Institute and many others. He currently lectures Arabic calligraphy at the Islamic College in Zhen Zhou, China and the Zaytuna Institute in California.

Screening films will continue till 31 July 2013 at Katara, at the drama theatre in building No 16.