Scott McDonald and Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara recently signed a ‘cultural cooperation agreement’ with the British Council in Qatar to strengthen and document their collaboration in areas of mutual interest.   

Katara General Manager, HE Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti welcomed the new partnership, which he said is considered a remarkable achievement as it further strengthens cultural and communication ties between Qatar and the UK.

The agreement provided for joint strategic programmes and cultural events, visits and participation in festivals, allowing Qatari citizens to join cultural and educational opportunities in the United Kingdom, as well as exchange experiences, policies and regulations related to culture.

British Council Chief Executive Scott McDonald said he hopes the partnership will contribute to establishing and building sustainable cultural relations that will enhance Katara’s role in enriching and promoting culture and knowledge in all its forms, through events and activities.

Murals to promote sports

Katara also recently inaugurated two murals that represented the cooperation between Qatari artist Mona Al-Badr and Welsh artists Bryce Davies and Hannah McGarr. The murals show the impact of sports as a force for good, for changing lives for the better and for enhancing understanding and interdependence between nations.

The first mural, I am a person, was on Building 47 and is characterised by elements from the Qatari and Welsh cultures. It has symbols from the environment of the two friendly countries, such as national flowers and a football drawn by Yasmin Aktar and Sadok John, two young leaders from the UK-based charity Street Child United.

The second mural was on Building 23 titled, Together in Arabic, English and Welsh. It symbolises the importance of cultural exchange that was represented during the making of the mural, where participants from the programme Above All Together and some members of the public contributed to the drawing of the mural painting.

Dr Al-Sulaiti also inaugurated an exhibition in cooperation with the British Council, featuring paintings that combine sports and art.


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