If you want to experience Romeo and Juliet as you have never experienced before, head to Katara for a performance of this classic Shakespearean love story set in Baghdad! The Iraqi Theatre Company will perform the show from today until Wednesday 3 October. Daily shows begin at 8pm at the Drama Theatre Building 16.

The Iraqi twist tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers that are not only divided by family, but also by religious sect. The performance is infused with Iraq’s rich traditions of poetry, music and ritual, Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad counterpoints the bleak cycle of violence and revenge with a nation’s longing for beauty and love.

Commissioned for the World Shakespeare Festival, part of London’s Olympic celebrations, Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad is directed by Monadhil Daood and stars some of Iraqi’s finest actors, including Sami Abdulhameed, Fawzia Arif, Haider Monathir, Zahra Beden and Maimoon Al Khalidi.

Don’t miss this unique production – get your tickets at the venue or Virgin Megastores at Landmark as well as online on their website.