Aspire Logistics is organising four community activities on the weekends at Aspire Park, including an hour-long kayaking class, which proved popular with both families and day visitors.

Having never tried a water sport before, Jafar Abdulla Al Khayat, a Qatari father, is one of those who have already been inspired to take up kayaking regularly along with his sons Abdulla, 14, and Mohamed, 11. Jafar said:

I came along last week and had so much fun with my two boys that I registered straightaway to come again. Kayaking really is a fantastic sport and I think we have really connected as a family paddling together at this beautiful lake in the sunshine. There are only a few places in Qatar where you can experience something like this – and I am so grateful to Aspire for hosting this free event…The plan now is to come again next weekend and I am also thinking that I might buy a kayak so that we can all go again in the future.’

Jafar’s sons Abdulla and Mohamed also admitted their delight with their new sport and urged their friends to come along next weekend. Abdulla said:

Kayaking is such a nice and relaxed sport to do, I think it’s something that all children in Qatar should try at least once.’

Mohamed added:

I was worried it would be a little difficult but everything is very safe and they have instructors to teach you before you get into the water. It is actually quite an easy activity and a very good way to keep fit and healthy.’

In addition to the kayaking classes, other weekend community events currently being offered by Aspire Logistics include a basketball and volleyball league. Meanwhile, a special ‘kids art in the park’ class is also being offered to families with younger children.

Aspire Logistics, one of Aspire Zone Foundation’s strategic business units, was established by Emiri decree on 1 January 2008. Its mission is to build and manage state-of-the-art sports facilities and events. Aspire Logistics aims to be an international leader in sports events and facilities management.

The free-to-enter events are open to all members of the public who register online, and are designed to encourage beginners to take up an activity full-time.

Both the basketball and volleyball leagues will continue for the immediate future, whilst the kayaking class is set to finish next weekend but then resume later in the year.

All those interested in next weekend’s kayaking classes and other activities can still register online by visiting Azpire Zone’s website.