It may be fun in the beginning, but staying at home can be a bit more stressful than usual for an adult as weeks go by. Children might not fully understand the concept of social distancing and self-isolation, but they’ll probably have many and mixed feelings about the experience as well. With the ongoing number of new COVID-19 cases each day, it looks like we’re all going to be staying home for some more time.


With schools now closed, we know many families are looking for ideas to keep their little ones entertained – aside from the usual video games, movies or Peppa Pig marathons. It sure is not an easy task and there’s really only so many nursery rhymes or home videos a child can watch before turning into a gadget addict.

We met Spinks sisters Sofia and Summer. While still continuing their studies at home, their parents make sure that they still have their own time to enjoy, even when they cannot go outside.

Summer, who is seven years old, likes doing arts and crafts. Just look at her Barbie doll she dresses up with a cute blouse or sweater. She even makes her wear comfy shoes or chic high heels. Summer also did this rainbow poster to honour the COVID-19 heroes. How thoughtful!

If Summer’s hands are not busy with her art projects, they are busy making music as she also enjoys playing the piano.

And just like her sister, 13-year-old Sofia loves music as well. She records her own songs. She also plays musical instruments like the piano and the guitar. Musical whiz in the making? Why not!


Music and arts are just some of the many things children can enjoy during self-isolation. If you’ve got some space at home, it’s a great idea to try and create an ‘artsy crafty station’ for your little ones or a small music room where they can practice their skills. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but a few well thought out materials will inspire all sorts of creativity and inspiration. You’ll be amazed!

If your kids love writing, then get those creative juices flowing! You can also get them involved in food preparation. It can be messy, but it is nothing compared to the bond you can develop along the way.

How do your kids cope up with self-isolation? Share your tips or suggestions with other mums who may be looking for ways to keep their little ones happy and learning. Let us know: write to [email protected]

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