KidZania Go is going to the hottest spots in Qatar

KidZania Go Souq WaqifBefore its official opening in Qatar, KidZania Doha is introducing its unique educational and entertainment concept with its mobile themed unit KidZania Go, a platform which provides kids with the opportunity to experience KidZania Doha role-play activities, through several exciting activities within a TV Station, Radio Station, a Toddler’s Area, and a 360 VR tour, where they will be able to experience KidZania Doha as if they are actually in the city.

KidZania Go is a perfect opportunity for kids to explore role-play activities that are tailored and designed to complement out-of-classroom activities by promoting values and developing their creative skills, with no entry or participation fee. The mobile unit will be installed in different spots in Qatar, like Souq Waqif and Aspire Park. The KidZania Go series of activities are carried out by KidZania Doha supervisors who have undergone training in conducting the various activities. These supervisors are also adept in handling children in different situations.

KidZania Doha, located at Aspire Zone with a footprint size of over 5,500 square metres, is expected to open its doors next year. It will provide a unique educational and entertainment experience with  42 establishments where children aged between four and fourteen years old will be able to role play ‘adult jobs’ in up to 60 pretend roles, learning a variety of values including self-reliance, team work, honesty, integrity and giving back to society.

KidZania is the world’s fastest growing family entertainment brand, with KidZania Doha expecting to welcome over 300,000 visitor year-on-year. The establishment will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 children with approximately 250 employees at any one time.

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