KidZania Doha, the leading edutainment brand in the world, recently held the second edition of EduZummit 2022, an event aimed to be a platform where educators can both collaborate and share their insights concerning children’s learning.

This is the second time that KidZania Doha hosted this event, with the first edition held in 2019.

This year’s EduZummit revolved around the topic of STEAM, a very timely and widely used term in educational institutions all around the world and which also aligns with Qatar National Vision 2030,  developing and empowering children.

Presentations and keynote address

The event was led by the first Global Director of Education at KidZania, Dr Ger Graus OBE, a renowned figure in the field of education popular for his trademark, children can only aspire to what they know exists. Dr Graus is also the founding CEO of the Children’s University and a Global Education Adviser.

Several notable professionals joined as panellists including:

  • Dr Kashif Hussain, Dean, College of Business Management, University of Doha for Science and Technology. He also represented the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • Sabine El Kahi, Project Manager at Studio 5/6
  • Yakup Ates, Sales Manager at Twin Science – Turkey
  • Dr Summer Bateiha, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts
  • Engineer Nour Adas, STEM Instructor, RoboThink and VEX Robotics Academy

In opening the programme, KidZania Doha Head of Sales, Hela Guedoir said that children are the next generation of world leaders, and it is the duty of educators and parents to make the world a better place for them. She said that at KidZania Doha, it is their responsibility to spread this message to the community.

Dr Graus also delighted the guests with a keynote speech, Lifting the Lid where he discussed how we can support children to be their best selves, and give them exposure to various careers that could provide them wider opportunities.

He shared with the audience how education systems evolve, as well as how to unlock the potential and creativity of the children without necessarily pushing them into a particular career or field.

It is important that kids get introduced to this idea at a very early age because when they reach fourteen, all misconceptions will already be laid out to them.

He also shared a story about his old student who became successful. Many years later, that same student recognised Dr Ger as the reason why he is where he is now. Dr Ger said to the educators, if you are a teacher, someday, 50 years from now, someone will think of you and say your name. Let that sink in.

After the keynote speech, thought leaders presented their institutions’ initiatives related to STEAM. These presentations were led by Lisa Weatherhead of ACS International School Doha, Jane Goldsack of Sherborne School for Girls, Samantha Gibson of Sherborne Qetaf, and Petros Fore from Newton British Academy Barwa City. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion where Dr Graus served as moderator.

Panel discussion

The panel discussion elaborated on the importance of each of the sectors of STEAM, and the panellists shared their experiences as to how STEAM helped bring them to their chosen careers and how it helped them succeed in their own respective fields.

Dr Kashif and Dr Summer, who are both in the field of mathematics, shared how arts helped and drove them to their careers, proving that STEAM is all interconnected to each other.

To end the programme, all educators were given the chance to experience KidZania’s unique role-playing activities, doing several professions such as firefighter, first-aider, police, radio jockey, recycling specialist, oil rig crew, performer, and a lot more.

KidZania aims to provide a realistic and unique learning environment for children that is both fun and educational through role-playing which is an effective way of teaching children.

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