Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co and KidZania Doha has recently signed a partnership agreement to create a realistic, child-size auto service centre inside KidZania Doha. Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co is the exclusive agent of Nissan cars in Qatar.

The signing ceremony between Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co and KidZania Doha brought together Nassim Mourani, General Manager of the Automotive Group at Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co and Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi, Board Member of Qatar Entertainment (Tasali). They were joined by senior officials of the two companies.

Speaking on their new partnership, Hisham Saleh Al Mana, Chairman and Managing Director of Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co said that together with KidZania Doha, they are enabling young minds to explore their automotive dreams through a fun and interactive environment.

Our role is to give future leaders the best foundation to learn and grow, providing them with knowledge, and encouraging them to develop real-life skills that will steer them, and our country, towards a successful future.’

The collaboration between Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co (Nissan) and KidZania Doha aims to educate children about being an auto specialist and experience a real-life career activity through a fun, hands-on experience.

Al Mawlawi said they seek to encourage and stimulate the early development of children through playful learning. He added that their efforts are aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030, to help boost human, educational, social, and economic development in Qatar.

Mourani, meanwhile, said they are happy to bring children a stimulating environment in which they can imagine their futures. He said that a lot of care and attention have gone into the design of the auto-service centre to ensure it is realistic, immersive, and of course, fun.

Due to the popularity of the brand in the region, many children are aware of Nissan – now they can enjoy a closer connection to the company.

KidZania is a unique education and entertainment park designed to provide a holistic experience to support physical and mental development amongst children. It has more than 60 real-life simulation activities across diverse business environments and allows children to learn a variety of values, including self-reliance, teamwork, honesty, integrity, and giving back to society.

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