The St. Regis Doha, the finest address in Qatar, has announced the installation of LaFerrari Bronze Sculpture in its lobby designed by Doha-based Iraqi artist, Ahmed Al Bahrani, as a real scale replica of the world celebrated LaFerrari car.

Combining quintessential technical innovation, style and performance, the bronze installation was designed by the artist to honour the distinct craftsmanship associated with the Ferrari brand, whilst celebrating the Arab spirit. Inspired by the generosity of Arabic people, it depicts a very famous Arabic proverb engraved on its rooftop saying: ‘Love is an attitude of generosity’. It is the artist’s tribute to the region’s traditions and values, with the accent on hospitality and generosity.

The LaFerrari car has been widely celebrated as one of the finest expressions of Ferrari’s constant desire to innovate and provide the ultimate in performance. The car’s distinctive artistry and stunning lines have been re-created in a life-size sculpture, realised in bronze by the artist.

Tareq Derbas, Area General Manager of The St. Regis Doha, said:

Since its opening in 2012, The St. Regis Doha has partnered with world-classs brands that share the same passion for refinement and bespoke experiences. Our aim is to enhance the hotel’s optimum customer experience with this exceptionally beautiful and expressive sculpture, and offer guests the opportunity to enjoy exploring this wonderful piece of art, as part of their journey at the finest address in Qatar.’

After creating a number of prototypes, the sculpture was finalised with the help of the original design team at Maranello. Ahmed used clay and wax, which was then transformed into bronze, using state-of-the-art technology. Weighing two tons and measuring 4,702mm in length, 1,703mm in width and 1,116mm high, the final artwork took seven months to complete.

Born in Iraq, and based in Sweden and Qatar, Ahmed Al Bahrani creates sculptures with what he describes as a ‘minimalist twist’.  His work has departed from the traditional scope of structure present in sculpture to attain a minimalistic quality that is characterised by both clarity and simplicity. His individualistic approach has resulted in creating a sense of flexibility and movement to an otherwise heavy and rigid material.

Ahmed’s art can be seen in many Arabic cities and displayed in galleries around the world.

Ahmed Al Bahrani said:

I was passionate about Ferrari design at a very young age. Through my work I aim to inject a dynamic quality, to instill a certain level of movement that engages audiences. I have integrated the ancient craft of etching and it has been a prominent part of my development as an artist, as it fuses traditional practice with modern art.’

He added:

The main challenge with this piece was to create something that effectively captures the sophistication and elegance that Ferrari embodies as a world-class brand while paying homage to the generous Arabic spirit.’

The LaFerrari sculpture now sits in the lobby of The St. Regis Doha for guests to revel. It is temporarily taken from Letbelah, the private museum of Omar Alfardan, which houses the most exclusive, vintage, modern and luxurious collection of cars, motorcycles and boats.

La Ferrari St Regis

Along with LaFerrari, guests can also enjoy two other permanent installations made by Al Bahrani including The Big Metal Tree, and the 2 Bronze Horses in the lobby, honouring the tradition of Arabian horses.

Since it opened its doors, The St. Regis Doha, its location, architectural design and most importantly, its Butler Service, have all added to its journey of excellence. The Hotel currently boasts twelve destination restaurants and lounges including The Club at The St. Regis, The Rooftop, Al Sultan Brahim and two of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, which reflect a proud heritage and long-standing culture of excellence.

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