The festival continues to dazzle with impressive displays and activities

‘Luminous Festival’ in Lusail has witnessed hundreds of visitors daily since its opening day on 21 February. These numbers are a testament to its creative and appealing sensory experience as the debut light festival in Qatar.

Visitors of all ages are enjoying this first-of-its-kind festival filled with music, parades, and live characters where they can divulge into different worlds as they transcend from one zone to the next. The installations demonstrated at the festival have been meticulously curated and designed by some of the top regional and international designers and engineers in the industry.

Here are some of the must-see installations not to miss out on when you visit:

Gateway Projection by Limelight

The entrance of Luminous Festival is decked with stunning projections that spark curiosity, with a fusion of abstract art, shapes, and nature-inspired fauna artwork. Designed to draw the viewer into the festival, this installation is dynamic and colourful with an abundance of speculative artwork.

Trumpet Flowers by Amigo & Amigo

The ‘super-sized’ trumpet flowers by Amigo & Amigo represent an audiovisual musical garden. With a fusion of lights, colours, and sound, this installation offers a truly immersive experience. The forest has interactive keys that allow visitors to ‘play’ each 2.6-metre flower individually to compose music. The exhibit also features scheduled musical scores by international composers such as Otis Studio and jazz musicians from Sydney, made using the tuba, trumpet, trombone, and drum. Trumpet Flowers is located in the Earth Zone.

Evanescent by Atelier Susu

The audiovisual Evanescent installation represents the act of impermanence and ephemerality through bubbles. The design was inspired by COVID-19, which gave the world a feeling of transience as things came to a halt, and subsequently, instilled the need to live in the moment and appreciate what one has.

The interactive installation is made from colour-reflecting dichroic film that reacts to sunlight to project rainbows as part of its ‘transient beauty’. Atelier Susu wants the viewers of this installation to reflect on the world around them. Evanescent is located in the Water Zone.

Under the Sea by China Light Festival BV

‘Under the Sea’ is a large exhibit composed of hundreds of works by artists from different countries that have come together for one purpose: to raise awareness about ocean conservation. The artwork represents underwater biodiversity through sub-zones such as the Beach, the Open Ocean, the Deep Abyss, and the Arctic. While entertaining and stunning, the installations aim to raise awareness of the current dangers the ocean is facing as it is a large resource but not infinite. Under the sea can be found in the Water Zone.

Astronaut by Airena

The 8-metre-tall Astronaut installation is designed to reflect, as the name suggests, an astronaut. In the helmet of the astronaut, visitors can view incredible shots of space featuring clouds, the sun, the moon, the earth, and the different atmospheric spheres. The astronaut can be found in the Air Zone.

Interactive Firework Floor by Digital Art Projection

The Interactive Firework Floor is an LED installation different from the others as it is based on the ground. Visitors get the opportunity to interact with the exhibit by walking on it. The ground lights up with colourful fireworks as a person walks on the installation, making it a fun exhibition for visitors to try to ‘catch’ the unpredictable sequences of the fireworks. The Interactive Firework Floor is located in the Fire Zone.

The Luminous Festival is running until 2 March from 6 pm – midnight, daily, at Al Saad Plaza, Lusail Boulevard.

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