Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) will take its students, members of the Education City community, and all incoming visitors on a reminiscent journey through time as part of its Lawal Antiquities Exhibition, from 22 to 24 October, at the Multaqa Building (formerly known as the Education City Student Centre). The exhibition will showcase rarities that date back to more than a century.

Kamal Naji Mohamad with his collection of old cameras.

Most prominently on display will be a collection of antiques belonging to Kamal Naji Mohamad who began accumulating artefacts from an early age. Visitors will be treated to a display of antique objects such as old cameras, televisions and radios that were vastly popular prior to the advancement of modern-day technologies. The exhibition will also feature a display of traditional Qatari clothes and historical books to inform visitors of the country’s ancestral past, as well as its roadmap for the future.

Naji said said that for us to understand the present and imagine the future, we have to look into, and examine the past.

Many of the antiquities on display today have touched upon our lives and are ingrained in our memories in more than one way. The collections will also aim to provide visitors with a world’s view of products and items that were in as much demand as today’s contemporary technologies.’

He said that Qatar is a nation that is as greatly invested and honoured by its past as its forward-thinking and progressive future.

What we have here today is a mere reflection of the history of a nation so grand yet so deep-rooted in its heritage and origins.’

According to Maryam Al Mannai, Vice-President of Student Affairs at HBKU, the exhibition meets the university’s consistent objectives of immersing the wider community in culturally enriching experiences. As part of the exhibition, Naji will also provide visitors with a detailed explanation of each object and its relevance, offer live black and white photography sessions, and present screenings of old movies.

The Lawal Antiquities Exhibition will be open next week, Monday to Wednesday, 22 – 24 October, 12:30 pm until 6:30 pm, at the Multaqa Building. Visit the HBKU website at hbku.edu.qa or check out the Marhaba Events Calendar for more details.