Dan Heath Hamad
Dan Heath,

Leading author and Senior Fellow from the Duke University CASE School of Business in the USA, Dan Heath, has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at the forthcoming 2014 Middle East Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, scheduled to be held here from 25 to 27 April 2014.

Heath, co-author of Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, which debuted at number 1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, will also hold a lecture similarly titled Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard. At the end of the session, delegates will be able to identify the mechanics of human behavior that could help them make an important change.

The Forum, to be held at the Qatar National Convention Center, is a product of the continued collaboration between Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and US-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – a leading organisation for health and healthcare improvement globally. An estimated 3,000 healthcare professionals, comprising healthcare administrators, executives and senior leaders, practicing physicians, patient and family advisors, as well as nurses are expected to attend the forum. The targeted sessions are built around the conference theme, which is ‘Empowering Patient Care Improvement’ and will be conducted by some of the world’s leading experts in the science of improvement in healthcare settings globally.

Deputy Chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs – Medical Education at HMC, Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, said:

The richness and diversity of the program for this year’s conference will prove to be inspirational for a wide group of local and regional healthcare professionals, as they will not only have an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, but also learn the many processes and methodologies that professionals around the world have adopted to bring positive and lasting improvements in their healthcare environment.’

A variety of sessions will be of particular interest to senior leaders and executives eager to cultivate a culture of improvement within their organizations. Among other international speakers are IHI Vice President Kedar Mate, MD and Lynne Maher, MD, Director of Innovation at Ko Awatea in New Zealand, who will be talking about building sustainable improvement and engaging in a process of continued evaluation to ensure the gains made are retained.

Mate oversees the development and implementation of innovative high-quality healthcare programmes within the US and other resource-limited countries globally. Dr Maher has over 19 years of experience in leading several innovative improvement programs in many countries including US, Canada, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

Several sessions will be exciting for surgeons and practicing physicians, such as a session by Dr Uma Kotagal, which will highlight management by prediction.

Vice President for Quality, Safety, and Transformation and Executive Director of the James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Dr Kotagal has been a tireless advocate for the development of high reliability principles across clinical practice. Her session will remind clinicians to be mindful about obstacles that might arise in daily practice and emphasize proactive solutions for risk situations.

A number of sessions will be significant for nurses and front-line staff aspiring to be better leaders at all levels of healthcare, including a workshop on leadership skills, conducted by IHI Quality Improvement Consultant and Faculty Annette Bartley and HMC’s Nursing Executive Director Professor Ann-Marie Cannaby. At the session, nurses will be able to identify different kinds of leadership theories, strategies and methods, as well as learn how to incorporate these in delivering excellence in nursing care.

The conference aims to empower delegates to reflect on current challenges within the system in which they operate, the role they can play in enhancing the system through innovative thinking and adopting effective strategies, and how to best develop durable plans to be able to deliver the best possible care to patients.

For more information on other workshops and lectures at the conference, visit this website http://ihime2014.hamad.qa.