Les Clefs d’Or Qatar (Golden Keys of Qatar) has been officially accepted as the 44th Independent Country Section to be a part of Union International Concierges Hotels, it was announced by the President of the UICH Emmanuel Vrettosduring the 61st Les Clefs d’Or International Congress held in in the Royal Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently.

The distinction ensures high quality of concierge services in Qatar, which includes handling unique and unexpected guest requests. Being a Les Clefs d’Or member guarantees the commitment of hotels in the country to providing guests with necessary information so they can fully enjoy the best and authentic local experience.

GALA les clefs d'or qatarLes Clefs d’Or Qatar was formed in 2010 at InterContinental Doha, led by Randy Santos, Chief Concierge at InterContinental Doha and current President of Les Clefs d’Or Qatar. The group consists of 19 international members and 60 national members covering most hotels in Qatar. Seen in the picture are members of Les Clefs d’Or Qatar.