Back to work and stress levels are high? Unwind at Six Senses Spa at Simaisma, a Murwab Resort!

As we were getting ready for a fully-packed weekend, we began with a visit to Six Senses Spa. Marhaba was welcomed by the lovely and warm staff of Six Senses Spa, located in a small private villa on Simaisma Resort. As you sit for your appointment, you’re welcomed with a cup of water and cooling towel. While sitting and cooling down from the drive in a soothing nature-themed white and gold waiting area, you are asked to fill in a form so that your body therapist knows more about you and your body — allergies, if any, and the parts to focus on or to avoid, etc.

It begins

Marhaba was waiting for a two-hour and a half long massage or ‘ritual’ called Muscle Melt, which releases tension, improves mobility and relaxes. Before it began, we were taken to the changing room — which includes a steam and sauna room, showers, toilets and lockers — to change into a white robe and slippers. Then we moved to the sitting room to enjoy a refreshing and unique welcome tea, which consisted of lavender, peppermint and chamomile, along with a cup of almonds and honey. If you’re suffering from a cold or flu, or throat or chest congestion, we highly recommend you try it.

The relaxing scrub

Soon after, we were taken to the spa room. The session began with the therapist laying you down on a warm bed, which releases heat that can be adjusted to your preference. Then the therapist relaxes your body with a body scrub using Epsom salts, chamomile flowers, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint –  this is our favourite in the Muscle Melt ritual. The eucalyptus and Epsom salts relaxing scrub is highly recommended. It releases tension and relaxes the body. After body scrub, you need to take a quick shower with just water. Your skin immediately feels softened and purified.

Personalised massage 


Then back to the warm bed for a personalised massage combining deep tissue and movement restoration techniques with the application of hot stones. With warm massage oil in her hands, the therapist begins with your feet and moves up, covering all parts of your body, spending at least 10 minutes on each part. Every part of your body is treated including your head. The therapist massages the head using coconut oil, slowly untangling any stressed muscles. If you have an area that needs extra massaging, point it out and the therapist will happily treat it. In addition to the hot stones, the most intriguing part of the massage is when the therapist applies the Tibetan singing bowl or resting bell around your head, creating a sound that has three harmonics causing ‘clarity of the mind’. Powerful.

That’s it. Times up! You don’t feel that you’ve been there for almost three hours — the ultimate relaxation session. You walk away ready to fall into bed.


Marhaba recommends: In addition to their ‘Rituals’, Marhaba also recommends you try any of Six Senses Signature Massages — Deep Tissue, Movement Restoration, Detox, Holistic, Tension Soother/Head Massage/Relaxed Feet, or Blissful Mama Massage.

Make sure to have a look at their body products and accessories before leaving. Don’t fear the drive to Simaisma, A Murwab Resort. It’s not far — about 35 minutes away from Doha. The roads are clear to Simaisma but make sure to use Waze to find your way into Simaisma Resort or refer to the Marhaba Map.

For more information or bookings, call 4479 9582 or email [email protected].

Reviewed by Ola Diab

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