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Let’s Take a Walk: A Guide to Doha’s Outdoor Places, Spaces

Now that the cooler weather is officially here, outdoors is definitely on our list of fun places this season!


The all-too familiar 7 kilometre-baywalk is a common destination for anyone wanting to catch the weekend afternoon sun. If you’re out for a walk, this place is still the best place to start. Park your car near the Museum of Islamic Art and walk your way down to the coffee shop down the other side. Grab a cup and walk back.

For shorter options, you can go to the Museum of Islamic Art Park or the Hotel Park Doha (Sheraton Park)

Things to find/do here: 

  • Public gym. Fitness equipment are installed in different parts of the Corniche open for residents and visitors to access.
  • Dhow ride. Small colourful dhows are available for a 10- to 20-minute trip if you want to admire the skyline from the water.
  • MIA Park Bazaar. This is like a weekend bazaar but instead of opening only during weekends, they’re open everyday!
  • Bike. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at the MIA Park.
  • Children’s playground. There’s an enclosed space with play things and all. There is also the carousel, which unfortunately doesn’t allow adults (so unfair). Or you can let the little ones go roll along the green, green grass of the park. Your choice.
  • Coffee and tea shops (you’re bound to find one if you’re patient enough to walk the length of the seaside cobbled walk)

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif Wish You Were Here

Souq Waqif

This traditional market is often featured anywhere that nothing seems to surprise any Doha resident about it anymore. Except when the weather gets cooler, everything in Souq Waqif becomes more attractive and magical. The coffee shops, the regular street shows, even the Turkish ice cream vendor somehow becomes the in thing of the season. You can’t be left behind. Put on your tourist-y hat and pay Souq Waqif a visit!

Things to find/do here:

  • Restaurants. Traditional ambience and your choice of cuisine.
  • Coffee shops. Your choice of coffee shops matched with flavoured shishas.
  • Novelty shops. Items you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll most likely find it here.
  • Galleries and art shops. You can even get your portrait done.
  • Shopping. This is the magic of Souq Waqif. Just when you think it’s just that place to have coffee, you can actually shop here.

A Walkthrough Guide in Discovering Souq Waqif

Katara Cultural Village

This ‘village’ sits on an area overlooking a very pleasant view of the sea. The longer trip to Katara is worth it just for the view and the delicious karak they sell by the sea. Plus there is always something going on in the area, be it a concert or an art exhibition, it’s bound to get you more ‘cultural’ in a way.

Things to find/do here:

  • Art galleries. The exhibitions here almost always feature a diverse collection of art from artists in and out of Doha.
  • Cultural shows and concerts.
  • Film screenings.
  • Restaurants.

Aspire Park

Aside from it’s reputation as a family-friendly park, this area is also an ideal place for people wanting to keep fit. It has fitness stations and paved areas for cycling, roller-skating and skateboarding. Aspire Park is also Doha’s biggest park (about 88 hectares) with a vast expanse of green lawns and studded with baobab trees. It even has its own lake with ducks and geese.

Things to find/do here

  • Children’s playground. There’s an enclosed space with play things and all.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Drive-in Theatre. Drive-In Doha will open soon at Aspire Park to offer open-air movies, sports and live events.
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