Souq Hal Qatar commercial exhibition featuring more than 30 Qatari  families and their hand made products, was officially launched at the Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall.

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony, Qatar Chamber Board Member Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani, said her participation in the ceremony stemmed out from the Chamber’s interest in homemade businesses. She noted that homemade businesses enhance demands for Made in Qatar products and expands the contribution of locallyproduced items inside and outside the country.

Speaking on the role played by Qatari businesswomen in the national economy, Al Ahmadani said that female exhibitors registered a strong presence in the expo. They displayed their products in highlyinnovated mechanisms which were highly acclaimed by visitors of the mall.

Al Ahmadani was grateful to the Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall for providing the opportunity to enable home-based entrepreneurs to showcase and promote their products for one month.

Under the patronage of Qatar Chamber, Souq Hal Qatar aims to support local entrepreneurs as a platform for micro-enterprises to showcase a wide range of goods produced by homebased businesses in the country. Souq Hal Qatar is located at Gate No. 2 of Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall and will run until 8 December.

For more information about the exhibition, you can call the Hyatt Plaza Customer Service at 4499 9666.