To celebrate Qatar UK 2013, Qatari Chef Aisha Al Tamimi and the team from the Food Forum of Qatar’s National Museum will introduce London to the culinary traditions and influences of Qatari cuisine at Books for Cooks on 19 to 20 November 2013.

During the demonstration, Al Tamimi, a prominent culinary figure in Qatar, will be joined by Anissa Helou, a London-based cookbook author, teacher and chef, specialising in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. Together they will create a number of traditional Qatari dishes such as Marguga, a delightful Qatari ‘pasta’ dish with vegetables; and Mashbuss, a traditional rice dish with chicken and spices.

The event forms part of the National Museum of Qatar’s Food Forum – the first official programme in the UK showcasing Qatari cuisine and Qatar’s culinary heritage during Nour Festival in London, as part of the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture.

The Food Forum aims to present Qatari culinary heritage as well as other traditional Arabic cuisines to a wide audience in order to activate interest in protecting traditional Qatari foodways, as well as exploring how they are affected by various outside influences and how this reflects cultural change.

Co-ordinated by the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) and the British Council, Qatar UK 2013 is a year-long cultural exchange programme between the State of Qatar and the UK, aiming to strengthen bilateral relations by creating lasting partnerships between institutions and individuals. Mutual recognition, understanding and appreciation of Qatari and British cultures have been cultivated through over 80 entertaining and educational events throughout the year in both nations.