With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in phases and the Qatar Olympic Committee’s recent announcement on the resumption of sporting activities after 20 July, the Longines Hathab – Qatar Equestrian Tour Organising Committee has confirmed that season 3 action is ready to start again.

The third season of the annual series, which started in October 2019, was originally scheduled to conclude in April this year. It had been suspended after the completion of the 9th Tour, in line with national health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Longines Hathab Tour 10 will now take place on 7-8 August, Tour 11 on 14-15 August, and the Tour 12 finale over three days on 27-29 August. All tours will be held at Qatar Equestrian Federation, and will feature only the showjumping (Individual and Teams) discipline. Dressage and Future Riders competition, which were part of the earlier legs, will not be taking place.

For the health and safety of equestrian fans, the tours will be held without spectators. However, fans of the series can follow the thrilling action live on Al Kass TV.

Event Director Ali Al Rumaihi said that the organising committee is very happy to confirm that the series will resume.

We put in a lot of effort in trying to make the third season of the Tour the best so far. Everyone was very happy about the way the season was progressing, including riders and event partners, and then the postponement came just as we were entering the final exciting stages of the season.

He said that they really appreciate the support of their tour partners – Longines, ExxonMobil and Salam International, adding COVID-19 has changed the way we live and that there are greater things to consider other than sport, and that they have to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved.

We have taken this into account when planning for the resumption of season 3.

Unlike other sports, horse riding is generally a contactless sport. The nearest person a rider gets into contact with is the horse’s groom. The safety of riders and everyone involved in the Tour is paramount, and that they will put all necessary precautions in place to ensure their health and well-being.

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