valentine3Valentines Day is now only a week away, so keep an eye on the blog for a comprehensive review of your options to celebrate the occasion. Popularly associated with the saint of the same name, the 14th of February had by the late 400s CE been declared a day for honouring him. However the day probably has even older origins in the Roman Lupercalia Festival, which celebrated fertility at this time of the year. By the 1300s it had become associated with love and romance and by the 1600s the European upper classes started to exchange valentines. The first mass-produced versions were sold in the United States in the 1840s and the idea of sending a card was given a boost with the expansion of the postal services.


The majority of cards were originally sent anonymously, and the thrill of deciding who they came from sent a flutter through many a young woman’s breast. Chocolates, flowers and of course gifts were gradually added to the occasion and you will find plenty of choices in Qatar for a celebratory meal.