The ‘Glass House’ is tucked inside the victorian structure of the Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel, overlooking the verdant Aspire Park. The restaurant is very picturesque with its ‘greeneries’. Walls, ceilings, everywhere is filled with ‘green’.

It was a glasshouse, literally, with the structure made of glass panels, like a huge glass-cased garden in the middle of a park. Definitely an Instagram place!

Glass House lunch 4

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The place offers all-day dining from breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you can go anytime in-between, even for an afternoon high tea! Their menu offering is surprisingly extensive – they have pasta, sushi and steaks, Asian noodles and Arabic Mezze – and everything is priced reasonably. If you’d rather go for a ‘combo deal’, they have a business lunch deal that includes a three-course menu, served from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.

Blueberry & Avocado Bowl
Blueberry & Avocado Bowl
Home Made Fresh Spaghetti Seafood
Home Made Fresh Spaghetti Seafood

We were expecting to have a simple, straight-up lunch menu, something light and not at all a feast. But the very friendly Glass House staff would have none of it, and instead served us several selections of their sushi, a big plate of green salad and pasta, a medium-sized Margherita pizza, a delicious serving of their salmon and steak plus of course two of their popular dessert. It was a heavy lunch.

Well, how do we find the food?

Their sushi selection covers the usual favourites and of course, more. Each of the dishes they serve was to prepare your taste buds for something that’s a bit more exciting and interesting than the last plate. Even their salad bowl tasted different – sweet, fresh, more delicious.

Glass House lunch 17 pizza
Margherita Pizza

Their pizza could give any Italian speciality restaurant a run for their money. The sauce and the herbs were not overpowering and the crust provides just the right crunch.

Moving on from the mains – the salmon and the steak – is not as easy. Their flavours could haunt you probably until dinner, taking over your thoughts until you resolve to go back.

Meaty, juicy and cooked just right, their taste stays with you. Both were flavourful on their own, and much more flavourful with everything else.

The Steak
The Steak
Wild Salmon Kumquat Teriyaki
Wild Salmon Kumquat Teriyaki

We were a bit relieved that we were served a simple dessert, something that sits on dry ice but with relatively less drama, ha! We had a simple Dates Toffee Pudding and a Ferrero Caramel Dome. The pudding is not sugary sweet and is a perfect ‘date’ with black coffee. The dome, however, is something else. We had to tap it just a bit to break the dome and partake of the delicious chocolatey caramel goodness inside, an appropriate ending to a memorable lunch!

Glass House dessert
Ferrero Caramel Dome

Marhaba’s food adventure has brought us to a lot of interesting places – near, far, early, late – each leaving us with good impressions. This Glass House lunch definitely will stay with us longer, until maybe we go back for another feast.

Glass House is located on the first floor of the Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel, open from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm. While walk-ins are accepted, calling and booking your table is encouraged. Please note that only vaccinated guests are allowed to dine inside the restaurant. Call 4445 5555 or 4445 5535 or send an email to [email protected] to reserve. 

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Author: Lalaine Sumaray Turqueza

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