Mada hosts a workshop with known technology integration specialist to educate individuals on assistive technology

To empower Persons with Disabilities (PWD) through assistive technology, Qatar Assistive Technology Center also known as Mada, recently hosted an educational workshop with Linda Burkhart, an internationally known pioneer in the field of simplified technology for children with severe challenges. Burkhart discussed the concept of providing a receptive aided language learning environment during the workshop, which was accredited by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.

The event also provided an opportunity to share information on creating awareness and exploring the importance of accessibility for all PWD. The workshop demonstrated how learning alternative and augmentative forms of communication run alongside the developmental process that typical children go through when learning to speak.

Burkhart also discussed a recent finding in brain research which can help understand the way children learn. She talked about how to motivate children and provide opportunities for active learning, and about how Cortical Visual Impairment impacts learning and how to use existing knowledge when teaching children to use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Mada CEO Maha al Mansouri said that they are committed to educating the community and bringing awareness to PWD, especially in the field of assistive technology.

This recent event with Linda is just one of the many events that we will be supporting. By bringing international expertise and knowledge to the local community in Qatar, we can improve the lives of PWD. This is a long term plan and we will continue to expand our educational events for those in Qatar and abroad.’

Linda Burkhart worked as a classroom teacher for fifteen years. For eight years, she worked as an Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology Specialist for the Center for Technology in Education – a joint project between Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland State Department of Education. Linda currently works as a private consultant and technology integration specialist.

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