Al Siddiqi Retail operates three original brands and several well-known international brands under its name. It aims to acquire innovative brands for its customers and provide them with quality products. Proud to be a leading fashion retailer in Qatar, they are pioneering to become the world’s leading retail company by striving to always provide their customers with new, modern and authentic products and services.

Two main areas of business stand out in the Al Siddiqi Holding portfolio – Al Siddiqi Garment Factory and Almotahajiba SIGNATURE. The former holding of Al Siddiqi Retail is the only garment factory in Qatar, while Almotahajiba SIGNATURE is the leader in the luxury fashion segment of the global Arab womenswear market.

Al Siddiqi Garment Factory
The Al Siddiqi Garment Factory is one of the largest garment manufacturing factories in the GCC region. Armed with top of the line machinery and some of the most talented and professional skilled workers in the work force, the factory manufactures and produces garments of the highest quality. Each garment is properly taken care of, with the workers operating the machines to do everything from the sewing, the dyeing, the embroidery, and the pressing. Each piece is checked to guarantee 100% perfection before it is delivered to the hands of the customer.

This garment factory under Al Siddiqi Holding is the first and only readymade garment factory in Qatar to establish a Quality Management System for the manufacturing and supply of readymade garments and fullfil the requirements needed to achieve an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Al Siddiqi Holding celebrated this momentous achievement 28 July, 2015 with a celebration at the factory.

Passing the international quality standards set by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), Al Siddiqi Holding has shown a fullfilment of its promise to provide customers with quality products. Brands of garments produced at the Almotahajiba factory are: Almotahajiba, Dary abayas and sheilas, and Al Shal men’s thobes. Using the ISO certification helps Al Siddiqi ensure that all products and services consistently meet customers requirements, and that quality is constantly improved.

In order to acquire this coveted certificate, the Almotahajiba factory demonstrated customer satisfaction, processes for continual improvement, the assurance of conformity, and met statutory and regulatory requirements.

Almotahajiba SIGNATURE

Further expanding its footprint in the high-end traditional womenswear market, Al Siddiqi Brands, a division of Al Siddiqi Holding, in 2015 opened the inaugural store of its luxury abaya brand Almotahajiba SIGNATURE in Porto Arabia at The Pearl-Qatar.


Designed to cater to the modern Arab woman, SIGNATURE aims to be a leader in the luxury traditional womenswear market, offering an exclusive range of handmade abayas, jalabiyas, sheilas, leather goods and accessories that combine exquisite designs with extraordinary quality. Al Motahajiba SIGNATURE is the third abaya brand from Al Siddiqi Brands, following the upscale Al Motahajiba and the young and trendy Dary, and offers a level of luxury previously unseen in the Arab womenswear market.

SIGNATURE uses the understanding and experience of the traditional beauty and design of the abaya, and brings together with modern cuts  and new materials to create the most luxurious abayas in the world. Each SIGNATURE piece is made of high-quality materials including pure silk and is crafted with passion, as evidenced by the exquisite details and matchless elegance.

There are plans to expand the SIGNATURE brand into other segments of luxury retail, with a full line of fragrances, eyewear, and jewellry already in the pipeline.

SIGNATURE is guided by five core values: constant innovation, extreme care of craftsmanship and materials, an entrepreneurship mindset, upstanding leadership, and social responsibility.

About Al Siddiqi Holding

Founded in 1922 in Qatar, Al Siddiqi Holding is a Qatar-based multinational group managing 23 brands across six operational divisions: Retail, Hospitality, Brands, Entertainment, Real Estate, and Industrial. It has a presence in eight countries across the MENA region through its original brand outlets, retail stores, indoor theme parks, restaurants, and real estate developments.

The creation and continuous growth of its three Qatari brands – Almotahajiba, Dary and Al Shal. With more than 50 stores in the MENA region it is consistently being maintained by the extremely high quality of its products, a fully integrated production in Qatar, the most cutting-edge technology and the most skilled employees. To be globally recognised for the perfection of all its achievements, Al Siddiqi Holding is also a partner of choice for international brands across diverse customer sectors – fashion and footwear, food and beverage, home furnishings and entertainment – that are willing to establish a strong presence in the MENA region.

As a successful Qatari business that has spun over decades, Al Siddiqi Holding aims to uphold its core values of integrity, professionalism and social responsibility while preserving Qatari traditions and heritage.

By strengthening its vision of ‘Believe, Achieve, and Succeed’, Al Siddiqi Holding is ever more successful in meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

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