Salam Studio & Stores announced the launch of Maison Lancôme, a trio of Haute-Perfumerie essences at Salam the Gate. This collection of perfumes pays homage to Lancôme’s 76-year old legacy and revives some of its forgotten fragrances.

The three fragrances in the collection, 1001 Roses, Peut-être and Balafre, ‘evoke emotion while weaving a beautiful story and inviting one to join a journey, capturing the essential and conveying the inexpressible’.


Peut-être, a blend of jasmine, syringa petals, lilac and Bulgarian rose essence is inspired by the refined scents of a French garden. Balafre, a men’s fragrance, which was first launched in 1968 is composed of notes of bergamot, lemon, sweet lime and mandarin. The inclusion of lavender in its composition means it is also suitable as a women’s fragrance. 1001 Roses features Lancôme’s signature floral fragrance of rose as a background note along with notes of amber, white musk and vanilla pod, giving it a subtle oriental accent.

Head down to The Gate to try these delicious scents for yourself.