The Criminal Investigation Department, coordinated with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL ) arrested an Arab national on the charges of booking air tickets of Qatar Airways for several persons including Qatari nationals and other residents using stolen credit cards belonging to some Qatari citizens.

First Lt. Mudhawi Saeed Al Qahtani, officer at the Cybercrime Combating Centre of Criminal Investigation Department said that the CID had received complaints from Qatar Airways saying that many of its customers from citizens and residents were defrauded of buying air tickets through credit cards owned by other people.

He pointed out that some Arab nationals residing out of the country had been offering online advertisement through social media about reductions for air tickets of Qatar Airways. While contacting with the advertisers they made them believe that they owned travel agencies and have special reductions with them. In fact they booked tickets using stolen credit cards. Several victims had booked tickets for them and their family members so far. They transferred the required amounts after they confirmed the validity of the tickets.

Ft. Lt. Mudhawi added that while carrying out the travel procedures the Airways staff would ask to present the credit card used for buying tickets and the tickets will be cancelled or need to pay again if they failed to produce the cards.

The Criminal Investigation Department urged all the citizens and residents not to buy tickets or any other goods online from unknown or unverified sources, instead to use the original website of Qatar Airways or recognised travel agencies in the State.