The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has announced the availability of all required vaccinations for travellers from Qatar to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year.

PHCC clarified that these vaccinations, which are mandatory, are available free of charge at all 31 of its health centres across the country.

Executive Director of Preventive Health at PHCC Dr Hamad Al Mudahka emphasised the importance for pilgrims to familiarise themselves with general precautions and various health guidelines before heading to the holy sites for Hajj. This preparation is crucial to avoid any complications that might arise during the pilgrimage. He urged pilgrims to ensure they receive the necessary vaccinations before traveling.

He also stressed the importance for individuals with chronic illnesses and the elderly to consult their doctors for necessary health advice well in advance of their pilgrimage. Additionally, these individuals should ensure they carry their regular medications, he said.

Dr Al Mudahka also noted that some pilgrims might experience a range of symptoms referred to as ‘post-Hajj disorder’ within 14 days of returning from the pilgrimage. He assured that this condition is not a disease in itself, but rather a collection of common symptoms resulting from the exhaustion, fatigue, effort, and travel associated with performing the pilgrimage. He noted that these symptoms usually subside with time, rest, and the use of pain relievers.

Source: QNA

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