On the 14th of March, over 50 people, including the Thai Ambassador to Qatar, had the pleasure of being entertained and fed by Pitaya Phanphensophon, CEO of COCA International Group and Chef Neung, the resident chef for Mango Tree at The Pearl-Qatar.

dsc08061Pitaya prepared a menu of Tom Kha Goong (creamy prawn in coconut milk soup with chilli oil), Gaengy Karee Gai (yellow curry with free range chicken) and Khao Ob Supparod (fried rice with pineapple, chicken and cashew nuts). Pitaya explained that Thai food concentrates on healthy ingredients, so fresh herbs and rice bran oil are always used.


dsc08071All the ingredients for Thai cooking are available in Qatar and Pitaya gave the recipes to the participants so that you can try them at home! Here is one below. However, it is much easier just to nip along to Mango Tree at The Pearl-Qatar.

Gaeng Karee Gai
Yellow Curry with Chicken


  • Yellow Curry Paste – 80g
  • Coconut Milk – 1.3 litres
  • Spring Chicken – 200g
  • Potato, Boiled and Cubed – 150g
  • Onion, cubed – 80g
  • Palm Sugar – 25 g
  • Shallots – 20g


1. In a pot, add half coconut milk, and heat until boiled, then add yellow curry paste. Sir until well mixed.
2. Set the heat to medium/high and add the chicken and coconut milk. Simmer for around 15 minutes or until chicken is cooked and tender.
3. Add all seasoning and vegetables, wait until boiled and turn off the heat. Then its ready to be served!