A new city is being created, shaped and constructed right before our eyes.

While major, major infrastructure work is going on in Doha City (Orbital Road/Highway, East-West Corridor (G Ring Road), Doha South Drainage, Downtown Doha – not to mention the huge Metro Rail project) another equally large-scale project, one that is technically not even in Doha itself (it’s in the municipality of Al Daayen), is now taking its final shape.

Immediately to the north of Doha the new city of Lusail is being created. Let us try to imagine the size and scale of this ‘project’. Hamad International Airport and the new Hamad (sea) Port were vast projects in both conception and scale, so what can we say of Lusail City, which is larger than both of them added together?

Involving huge areas of land reclamation, a completely new infrastructure has been engineered and installed over the past several years. involving electricity, water, drainage, building of an underground and overground light rail system, layout of roads, buildings, and services.

But Lusail should not add to the traffic woes of Doha. Direct access is being provided to Routes 1 and 1A and you can swoop into the centre of Lusail right now via Al Tarfa Street – extended from Al Shamal Road to reach the Qatari Diar building and now ending at the beautifully sleek and smooth new arch which is quite different from the other arch at the start of Lusail Street in Doha City.

The mix of housing, offices, retail and hospitality is designed to be self-contained and Lusail may draw population and traffic away from ‘old’ Doha. As you see on the map, the outline of the coast and Qetaifan Islands is finally taking its almost-final shape; it is clear how the area is destined to be a kaleidoscope of attractive locations and interesting activities.

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