The Creta is Hyundai’s compact SUV contender in the rather new category of more practical and versatile vehicles that are a) nimble in our crowded cities and b) less expensive both to buy and to run, for the typical young and active professionals looking to purchase their own practical and good looking means of transport.

The new Creta is the smaller sibling of the well-known, and globally well-liked, Hyundai Santa Fe and Tucson. Like them, the Creta looks well set up, has a dynamic planted stance, and strong, well-proportioned lines. And like all Hyundai cars, it sports a competitive price, quality engineering, excellent reliabiltiy and economy of operation.

This so-called compact SUV may have a small footprint but it is packed with plenty of big features. Driving around the city, it handles with a nimbleness and agility to make parking in tight spots an absolute breeze. The light steering is delightful in this regard; in fact, I felt as though I could safely drive the Creta with one finger!

The car is reassuring and relaxing to drive. The engine always sounds refined and the gearbox is also quiet while instantly providing smooth acceleration whenever required. There was also plenty of power to keep up with all kinds of traffic situations you are likely to meet and cruising on the highway was blissfully quiet and smooth.

And you don’t feel the small footprint when you are sitting inside the Creta. The large doors, the wide expanse of glass giving excellent panoramic vision, and the comfortable roominess of the well-finished interior all contribute to a feel-good atmosphere for both driver and passengers. The rear space is highly flexible and can be configured to carry different combinations of cargo and passengers.

A final point that shouldn’t be overlooked: Creta makes a major contribution to less stressful driving by providing such a convenient location for your personal gadgets and phones. All the sockets and jacks you need together with a useful tray are provided up front and central. No more poking around with only one hand blindly searching for a tiny socket in a dark hole. And the Bluetooth connection is quick and stable. Couldn’t be better!

TECH SPEC MOTORING DOHA QATARENGINE All-aluminium 1.6 litre, four cylinder DOHC 16-valve Gamma engine

MAX POWER 123 hp (103 kW) @ 6,300 rpm

MAX TORQUE 111 lb-ft (15.4 kg-m) @ 4,850 rpm

TRANSMISSION Smooth six-speed automatic

EXTERIOR Sporting a lustrous chrome finish, Creta’s hexagonal grille tells the world it’s a Hyundai; sharp, smooth and clean contours with a rising shoulder line that denotes dynamism as well as strength

INTERIOR The dashboard of the 2017 Creta is neatly laid out with bright clear-to-read instruments and well-appointed trim; large doors make for easy entry and there is plenty of knee, head and shoulder room in both the front and rear seats; the touchscreen is easy to use and sockets for your phone and USB are very conveniently placed, so very easy and simple to use; there is an air of good quality regarding the upholstery, the stitching and the touch-friendly materials – Hyundai have paid excellent attention to detail, sometimes ignored in this segment but likely to be highly appreciated even by first-time buyers

SAFETY/SECURITY Comprehensive front, side and curtain airbag protection; electronic stability control system; hill-start assist control; incredibly rigid body with highest percentage of high strength steel able to absorb crash impact forces like no other.

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Visit the brand-new Hyundai showroom on B Ring Road (still known to some old-timers as Handasa Street), opposite the new Woqod station. Skyline Automotive staff will be happy to explain all you need to know and even arrange a test drive of the 2017 Hyundai Creta or any of its stylish sedans and SUVs for you. Call 4489 1111. Learn even more about Skyline Automotive and Hyundai in Qatar by visiting Skyline-Automotive and Hyundai Qatar


Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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