Luxurious interior, all-terrain confidence

The GS8 is the best-looking and most luxurious SUV so far produced by GAC. What is striking is how the GAC models are improving with each new launch; literally every new car seems to bring with it higher levels of design, engineering and quality.

Guangzhou Automobile Group is the parent company of GAC Motor which manufactures a rapidly expanding range of SUVs and stylish sedans. GAC is already a partner with leading international brands building cars for the Chinese market, and the company is now increasingly producing cars under its own name, GAC Motor.

GAC Motor holds first position among Chinese producers in the J D Power Quality Study. GAC Motor’s philosophy is very clear: build top quality vehicles and sales will rise. GAC Motor is confidently entering international markets and you can see the full range of GAC quality vehicles in the showroom on Salwa Road (opposite HSBC), here in Doha.

The GS8 represents a significant step-up in quality and marketability. This vehicle simply just looks good. It is already the best-selling large SUV in China, even when competing with all the other famous manufacturers from Japan and the US.

It’s easy to see why it is successful: while clearly impressive on the outside, the interior will surprise, even shock. Even forgetting the bargain price, this is a true deluxe, top quality interior which accommodates up to seven adults in comfort.

The GS8 drives very well in Doha traffic with good acceleration and torque provided by the turbocharged engine, especially picking up from low speed, and the brakes are smooth and powerful, too. It’s also quiet and restful for both driver and passengers in the cruise, especially on the new highways springing up around the city.

The intelligent i-4WD four wheel drive system also gives added security and stability when driving on any kind of rough surface. Drivers in Qatar appreciate having this ability and it is certainly helping the GS8 become as popular as it is.

GAC Motor is represented in Qatar by Domasco, one of the most dependable companies in the automobile business. Extensive facilities in the Industrial Area and elsewhere take the hassle out of servicing, and Domasco has the widest choices for buyers to choose the plan most convenient for their financial needs, ranging from purchase to leasing – there’s even a buyback guarantee.


ENGINE 2.0 litre four cylinder DOHC, 16-valve with multi-port injection and BorgWarner turbocharger

MAX POWER 198 hp (148 kW) @ 5,200 rpm

MAX TORQUE 320 Nm (236 lb-ft) from 1,750 – 4,000 rpm

TRANSMISSION Innovative six-speed automatic with switchable Eco, Sport and Manual modes, delivering power to all four wheels as needed

TECHNOLOGY All-round disk brakes and independent suspension

EXTERIOR Powerful horizontal lines and a strong chrome grille makes for a good combination of strength and beauty. Interesting headlights and taillights, plus a pair of sporty tailpipes, add some extra character to a design that suggests trustworthy and safe transportation for up to seven adults. The build, fit and finish quality is very good.

INTERIOR You probably won’t believe your eyes when you first see inside the GS8, especially if you have already seen the price. The interior is indeed worthy of a much more expensive vehicle. Leather and rosewood grain create a harmonious atmosphere, enhanced by the lacquer and chrome finishing of levers, buttons and smart controls.

GAC GS8 Interior Doha website

The ample wide body space and combination of traditional luxury plus attractive modern high tech touchscreen and controls are very satisfying to all your five senses.

In addition to the pure wide body comfort, you will greatly appreciate the modern technology touches, like the 10-inch colour touchscreen, smartphone integration, the superior 10-speaker HiFi stereo system, remote control and push-button start which give a good sense of being in touch and in control. It also has extended sunroof giving a better view of the sky for passengers at the back.

GAC GS8 Sunroof

SECURITY/SECURITY Systems include the ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) supplied by Bosch, the eight airbags, including unique double knee airbags, ISOFIX child support, high-strength steel body structure, 360° surround vision, parking sensors, immobiliser system and security alarm system.

The friendly staff at the GAC showroom on Salwa Road opposite HSBC bank have all the facts about the increasingly successful GS8; all your questions will be answered, and they’ll even arrange a test drive of the new GS8 or any of its stylish range of SUVs and cars that you may be interested in. Call 4424 8989 or visit the GAC website

Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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