The new range of Porsche Panamera sports saloon cars has taken a massive step forward: it uses a new platform, new engines, even more modern technology both under and in the cabin, takes luxury to the next level and, if possible, it looks more attractive than ever with sleeker lines and eye-catching design details.

It is now here in Qatar and cars are available for test drives.

The Panamera achieves the almost impossible dream of a large luxurious car performing like a sports car – and a 911 sports car at that. The new chassis performs this balancing act between sport and comfort effortlessly and – with its latest technologies – masterfully. In fact, suspension, chassis and traction management systems technologies are all so impressive at reducing vehicle body movement and thereby improving comfort in all four seats, at the same time provide self-assured poise, excellent traction, great agility at every speed and accordingly even more fun in the corners. If you ever get the chance to ride in a Panamera round Losail International Circuit, you will soon understand exactly what this means.

The Panamera, whichever model you choose, is simply wonderful to drive in the way it always feels light to handle, exciting to manoeuvre, exhilarating to experience both its power of accelerating and its amazing stopping power. There is 330 horsepower in the Panamera, 450 in the 4S and an amazing 770 hp in the Turbo. You will believe it when you feel it! The other amazing ingredient is how you always feel in control and this, remember, is in a large and extremely luxurious prestigious saloon car.

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By the way, an interest in engineering is one route to understanding and loving Porsche, together with a dictionary of acronyms!

So, sporty on the racetrack and comfortable – for four – on long journeys: that’s the Panamera and its ingenious engineering. Inside is the new control and display concept with centre console in a glass look and touch-sensitive buttons arranged in logical groups; the high-resolution 12-inch screen dominating the dash is much easier to negotiate than old technology switches, and it does so much more.

The interior design is simple and refined, featuring large expanses of dark wood and soft leather on almost every surface, now with a large touchscreen right across the middle of the dashboard.

The new screen, displaying different technologies including GPS, road safety and accident prevention programmes, really gives the Panamera interior a futuristic expression. Its fusion with traditional luxury and material craftsmanship is stunning.Porsche Panamera Marhaba Motoring Review (1)

So here comes the next Porsche proverb: while some Porsche things never change, they can always be improved. Porsche has worked its magic again, and you will enjoy it!

There is such a mountain of technical information and achievements to talk about, but the best way to continue this voyage of discovery is to talk to the friendly and informative staff at the Porsche Centre at The Pearl-Qatar. There, after a test drive, you will not only know it, but you will feel it. And there a good chance, like me, you’ll be converted.

Engine New 3.0 litre turbo V6 (also available are: 2.9 litre twin-turbo V6 in the 4S, 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 in the Turbo)
Max Power 330 hp (243 kW) from 5,400 rpm (440 hp in the 4S, 550 hp in the Turbo)
Max Torque 450 Nm @ 1,340 – 4,900 rpm (550 Nm in the 4S, 770 hp in the Turbo)
Max Speed 264 kph (306 in Turbo)
Acceleration 0 – 100 kph in less than 6 seconds, and less than 4 seconds in the Turbo
Transmission Eight-speed twin-clutch automatic (RWD and AWD)
Exterior The new silhouette and proportions are more Porsche than ever; powerful muscles and sharp sports car look emphasise the precision of the new design; stunning LED main headlights with four-point daytime running lights
Interior Completely restyled and updated, but still typically Porsche; ascending centre console with glass surface and touch-sensitive controls; compact gear selector; 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen takes pride of place on the flat and wide dashboard; analogue rev counter in the middle of instrument cluster between two high-res screens displaying maps and instruments; highest quality materials and finishing; exquisite luxury, and – lots of space!

Porsche Panamera Marhaba Qatar Motoring Review Doha

Safety/SECURITY Every system – suspension, chassis, cabin and power delivery – is engineered to enhance performance and driver satisfaction, and at the same time to strengthen the active and passive safety capabilities of an awesome driving machine.

The friendly and informative staff at the new Porsche Centre (Al Boraq Auto) at Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar will be pleased to arrange a test drive of the latest Panamera or any of its sports cars and sports SUVs for Marhaba readers. Call 4459 9666 or visit Porsche Centre Doha website

Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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