The Honda Accord has been with us for so long, it is difficult to comprehend its success. The Accord has won so many awards; more than 13 million have been sold in the US alone, and that is over 41 years; how many generations have come and then been succeeded by the next one, significantly improved.  So is it possible we don’t realise just how good the Accord is, and always has been. Well, you simply can’t deny its well-earned reputation for quality; it has always been fun to drive and it fulfils its primary mission of being a spacious, comfortable and affordable means of transport, whether you a business person of managerial level, or ‘merely’ responsible for a thriving and energetic family of four or five.

And why has the Accord been so successful? In truth, it has so many good or outstanding features that it’s difficult to pick just one or two; so we have to acknowledge its all-round qualities. The 2019 Accord – yes, it’s the 10th-Generation – has powerful and efficient engines and is fun to drive; has a dynamic, sculpted appearance enhanced by its high-quality finish; has a magnificent, leather-trimmed interior that is cavernous in its spaciousness; is in the front rank of brands that are leading the digital transformation of the information and entertainment scene and, also, expanding advanced driver-assistance features designed to make our driving both more enjoyable and with reduced stress.

Back Shot of the Accord Honda AccordNow more and more people are choosing SUVs, like Honda’s own CR-V, but no SUV can beat the new Accord for style or charisma. The sleek 2019 Accord now shows a fastback-like roofline, which combines with a pronounced crease to give the car a sinewy, athletic stance. The 5 cm longer wheelbase enables tighter front and rear overhangs which somehow make the new car look considerably longer than before (which it isn’t!). This is certainly the most elegant-looking Accord; from any angle, it’s undeniably handsome.

Driving the flagship Accord 2.0T Sport is great fun. The car holds the road like glue and the suspension keeps everything calm and quiet. The new model has even more torque than the old V6 Accord, plus it is more efficient. So, when you pay your petrol bill – your payment will be less, without at all sacrificing the pleasure.

The new cabin is a leap forward in sophistication. Trim and build quality are top quality, with nicely grained touch-friendly surfaces and soft leather. The prominent 8-inch touchscreen fully integrates your phone and the sound system is amazing. The front seats are well padded and supportive, while rear-seat legroom is positively palatial, benefitting from the wheelbase stretch. Storage space is generous, too, with a deep centre console, nicely sized cupholders, and a large bin at the base of the centre stack with a USB port. It is a very family-friendly environment and equally welcoming to your business colleagues.

Interiors Honda AccordIf you take your eyes away from the road for too long, there are numerous active and passive safety features to help the situation. The technologically-advanced Honda Sensing package, with key systems such as adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, and lane-keeping assist, is now standard on every Accord.

Yes, the Accord is one of those classics that – by staying ahead of the game – never goes out of style.

TECH SPEC MOTORING DOHA QATARENGINE New 16-valve 2.0 litre DOHC VTEC direct fuel injection with turbocharger

MAX POWER 247 hp @ 6,500 rpm

MAX TORQUE 370 Nm from 1,500 rpm – 3,500 rpm

TRANSMISSION Silky smooth-shifting 10-speed automatic

EXTERIOR Improvements on the new Accord are dramatic: stretched front end, prominent 19-inch alloy wheels, C-shaped LED taillights – the fastback profile and pronounced but clean styling lines make it look more luxurious and more European than the competition. It’s the most stylish Accord ever!

Cabin_Beige Honda AccordINTERIOR The reworked interior is now one of the nicest cabins in its class with really lots of room, especially in the back; there’s a pleasing mix of tactile, textured, top quality trim and luxurious leather upholstery; dominating the dash is a user-friendly touchscreen which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. State-of-the-art electronics and a wonderful sound system guarantee your listening pleasure, whether it’s music or the spoken word, and create a comfortable and comforting family-friendly environment which is equally welcoming to  your business colleagues

SAFETY & SECURITY Honda Sensing suite of safety features is now standard on every Accord and includes – in addition to comprehensive airbags, ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Assist and ISOFIX child anchor points – multi-angle camera, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, road departure mitigation and lane keeping assist, and other industry-leading and futuristic features. Honda technology is an industry leader in the quest to mitigate accidents and increase safety

The Honda team invites all those interested to visit the showroom on Khalifa Street (in Lejbailat zone 64, near the Imam Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahhab mosque) and take a test drive to experience the new Honda Accord 2.0T. The friendly and informative staff will be only too pleased to demonstrate all the features of the various specifications – from entry-level economy XL  to hot turbo Sport  – of the new Honda models.

Call toll-free number 800 8123 or visit Honda website.

Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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