The sleek, almost simple lines of this entry-level Lamborghini look more dramatic in real life than in pictures: the stark, slashing rectangular creases project an extreme and exotic look.

In so many ways it appears to be ‘The Perfect Supercar’. It is magnificently raw yet completely useable, wildly exciting yet utterly impregnable.

Thanks to the lack of a turbo, the Huracán’s main point of difference in the class is the near 9,000 rpm redline and the corresponding exhaust note. One of the industry’s great sounds, the V10 rips through its rev range with real urge and clarity. Throttle response is sharp and linear, and despite the higher revs required to extract the engine’s considerable performance, it’s never a chore to do so. We loved driving it, even though we didn’t get close to its limits.

In fact, such are the Huracán’s limits that you almost never find them on the road. Even when you go looking. It is an extraordinary car in terms of acceleration, grip and traction.

The drivetrain itself is phenomenal, the 5.2 litres offering scintillating response, deeply insistent torque and then a rampant, mildly terrifying top-end delivery. The seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox is as good as they come; with relatively short gearing, you can choose to experience the V10’s ferocious side regularly. And you will.

Ferocious is the word, too. The engine is nothing short of sensational, the ceramic brakes have fantastic feel and huge bite, and the body control is so locked-down that the Huracán feels uniquely omnipotent. However hard you drive, the Huracán stays firmly planted at road speeds and just goes exactly where you want it to go.

Inside your cockpit, a small, central dash-mounted screen displays three auxiliary dials and is housed on top of the now trademark Lamborghini toggle switches. In typical Lamborghini style, the starter button sits underneath a fighter jet style flip-top cover, with the gear selector taking the form of a rocker handle just behind.

Yes, the all-new Huracán is exciting, exotic and eccentric, appealing both on character and talent.


ENGINE 5204cc naturally aspirated V10 with both direct and indirect fuel injection

TRANSMISSION New seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox drives all four wheels through all-new four-wheel drive system based around an electronically controlled clutch

MAX POWER 602 hp (165 kW) @ 8,250 rpm

MAX TORQUE 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) @ 6,500 rpm

ACCELERATION 0 – 100 kph in 3.2 secs, reaching 200 kph in less than 10 secs

TOP SPEED ‘more than’ 325 kph

EXTERIOR The design team have played on Lamborghini’s attachment to six-sided shapes, which are everywhere from the side window graphic to the shape of the cabin’s airvents

INTERIOR Heavily sculpted dashboard and deep centre console that no longer needs to accommodate a manual gearchange; conventional instruments have been replaced by a large 12.3-inch TFT screen that can be configured to give priority to either the rev counter, speedometer or satnav screen; control stalks have gone, indicators and wipers are now on the face of the steering wheel, allowing extra-large gearchange paddles; steering wheel has button for switchable driving modes ‘Strada’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Corsa’

SAFETY/SECURITY Features include airbags, ABS; stability control automatically senses when vehicle handling limits have been exceeded and reduces engine power and/or applies select brakes to help prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle

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Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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