As a newbie in Qatar, I am on a mission to find the best dining experience in the country. So when I found out that we were checking out Nidaaya Restaurant’s Asian Sensation Night at Crowne Plaza Doha West Bay, my taste buds started partying in excitement.

And Nidaaya did not disappoint them.

Located on the sixth floor of the five-star hotel, Nidaaya was decorated with red Chinese lanterns for the night, which gave us a super Asian feel. We were welcomed by the always friendly and courteous staff, guiding us to our table and walking us through what their spreads are.

The music was soft and the lights were slightly dim, perfect for an intimate and quiet dining experience. We didn’t waste any time and immediately dove into the buffet tables, starting off with the salad bar that included a wide selection of Asian greens, sides and dressings.

I am a sushi and sashimi lover so their Japanese station was one I kept coming back to. I just couldn’t get enough of the fresh and delicious delicacies! Their Chinese hot pot station (which is perfect for the chilly weather) was also packed with various raw ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and dumplings. Just take your pick – the chef will be willing to assist you if you can’t decide which ones you would like. Dunk your choices into the simmering broth, and just wait for it to be served at your table in no time. Trust me, it’s good to have your intestines warmed up, for they’re about to embark on a food adventure.

So off we went to the main course. What’s Asian food without rice? Their fried rice was like Indonesia’s nasi goreng, perfect when partnered with the sweet and sour fish, kung pao chicken, seafood curry and the beef with oyster sauce.


At the centre of the buffet was a large serving of Thai beef striploin with spicy chili sauce. I had my slice of meat cooked medium-well and ate it with their kimchi mix, giving me that familiar Korean samgyeopsal feel.

I couldn’t help myself and I went for the noodle station where they served chicken chow mein and stir-fried glass noodles, similar to what we call ‘pansit’ in Filipino. They went so well with some pieces of dumplings, be it vegetable, shrimp or chicken. Their shrimp tempura, which is crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, is excellent with the vinegar mix.

If you are in the mood for some satay and other grills, just head over to their grill station, pick which meat you would like and have it served at your table with their special sauce.

You might notice by now that I tried almost everything that they have. Well, you’re not mistaken since I really wanted to have a taste of everything…

I had already so much to eat but I made sure to leave some room for dessert. Their dessert station will make you drool, with a generous serving of everything that is bursting with flavour. They’ve got chocolate, cheese, strawberry, mango, sweet potato, caramel and so much more.

I tried their mango pudding which reminded me of Thailand’s famous mango sticky rice, and their banana fritters which tasted like the Philippines’ ‘maruya’ but better because of the sweet dip. Their strawberry cheesecake was heavenly – light, fresh and just the right amount of sweetness. A delicious fully loaded meal is always perfect to end with a hot cup of tea or a cold fruit juice.

Nidaaya’s Asian Sensation Night is one you should really try if you want to have an Asian gastronomic feast. Will I come back? I sure will.

(Did I mention they have fast internet connection? It’s free, so go ahead, connect and share your Nidaaya experience on your favourite social media platform ­– including Marhaba of course!)

Nidaaya Asian Sensation is every Wednesday, 7 pm – 11 pm. Try it for QAR195 including soft beverages, upgrade to include special beverages for an additional QAR200. Call 4019 8876 or WhatsApp 3348 5456 to book.

Author: Weslee Dizon

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