Now that summer in Qatar is coming to an end and the masses return, more and more is beginning to happen in Doha. But there is nothing quite as unique as what’s happening at the W Doha Hotel.

The W Hotel Doha has a long-standing reputation in Doha as a world-class, sophisticated hotel. Standing tall in Doha’s wonderful Al Dafna skyline, the W Doha Hotel houses some of the country’s best restaurants, so when we heard that one of them – La Spiga by Paper Moon – was introducing their Dark Affair menu, we just had to investigate!

As we were guided to our table by the welcoming staff, we could see that the Dark Affair menu was perfectly matched with the ambiance of La Spiga. The chic décor gave the restaurant a refined, modern touch but the subtle lighting and live piano music added a sultry, mysterious edge.

After salivating over the menu, we decided to dive in straight away with the black tempura giant prawns on a bed of tartar sauce. We were curious to see how Chef Moreno Gianfranco Miotto, the designer of this incredible menu, had put his own twist on this famous dish. The giant prawns were soft and perfectly cooked, while the black tempura shell around them was crispy and fresh. The tartar sauce they were expertly paired with was creamy and tart and we couldn’t resist mopping up every last bite as we eagerly awaited our next course.

Dark Affair W Doha La Spiga

Our main courses arrived steaming, straight from the kitchen. Neither of us could choose which dish sounded best and we didn’t want to risk missing out on any incredible flavours, so we made sure to order both mains with the agreement that we would mix and match.

The first dish was black fettuccine pasta with fresh crab and preserved lemon. This was the perfect seafood pasta dish with plenty of hearty, fresh pasta to mop up the scrumptious crabmeat. The slices of preserved lemon added some surprising, tart mouthfuls to freshen your palette as well. We didn’t leave a single bite!

Dark Affair W Doha La Spiga

The squid ink risotto was the darkest dish of the evening and perhaps the most delicious. The risotto was topped with black cod and 24 carat gold! In all honesty, I’ve never tried gold before but if it always tastes this good I’ll make a habit of it – albeit an expensive one! The squid ink risotto was creamy and not overly fishy, which was perfect for this dish, because to completely indulge in the seafood flavour all you had to do was scoop up a piece of fresh, flaky cod with your mouthful of risotto.

Although we knew that dessert was coming, we had been unable to put down our forks, so by the time dessert arrived we were completely full. Luckily, Chef Moreno had created the perfect dessert. The fruit-inspired black chocolate ganache was delicious but perfectly light and refreshing at the same time. The small ‘mini-cones’ didn’t only create a glorious display but were also delicious bite-sized morsels.

Dark Affair W Doha La Spiga

The dessert was not the only treat on the menu! Throughout the evening, we had been enjoying the Dark Affair signature drinks, or sips, which were as perfectly designed for the menu as the food. You can choose the Black Spritz, the Dark Affair Martini or the Nerone. The restaurant manager, Gabby Pereira, explained to us that although each sip was as different and unique as the next, they were tied together by their ‘dark’ design. The Black Spritz was refreshing and sweet, while the Martini was strong and intense, but the Nerone was the biggest surprise of the evening!

We could see it from across the restaurant as it was brought to our table. The dry-ice inside the coffee carafe made the drink steam with what looked like white smoke. By the time it reached, our table we were eager to try it! The strong, bitter coffee taste was the perfect palate cleanser between courses.

Among all the new menus, themed nights and brunches that are coming back to Doha, the Dark Affair menu at La Spiga stands out. The menu is not only a delicious seafood treat – it’s an experience. From the moment you step into the restaurant, the food, the sips and the music is all flawlessly synchronised to create the perfect, mysterious evening.


La Spiga by Paper Moon in the W Doha Hotel serves the Dark Affair menu every Wednesday night for dinner.

The menu is available as à la carte; the set menu includes three courses with two sips, for two people for QAR500.

To make a reservation, please call 4453 5135 or visit their website by clicking here.

Author: Charlotte Wright

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