We, Doha residents, are now fully immersed in the chilly winter weather, and if you’re a Brit like me, that reminds you of home – cold weather and good food to keep you warm.

I have never been to STK Doha before so when I heard that they were doing Saturday Roast with all the best of British cuisine, I was eager to make the trip to the 23rd floor of The Ritz Carlton, Doha to investigate. My first impression of the restaurant was one of instant glamour and comfort, and the view of The Pearl-Qatar below was magnificent.

No time to waste: at the Saturday Roast you dive right in!

The main courses are all a sight to behold as each dish is served with a giant, golden Yorkshire pudding. Whether you get the appetising beef brisket, the tender USDA prime rib or the tasty Veggie Wellington, you are guaranteed a delightful feast.

The beef brisket had been slow-cooked to perfection and every delicious morsel melted in the mouth. The prime rib was expertly cooked as well, with each slice dripping with flavour. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper British feast without some warm, brown gravy to douse the crispy Yorkshire pudding!

Every Brit knows that your roast isn’t complete without your veggies, and at STK there are plenty! There were wonderful, golden roast potatoes baked in duck fat to add some extra crunch to the skin, some fresh green beans, buttered cabbage and carrots. And by far my favourite side of the evening – a creamy, cheesy cauliflower gratin. Your five-a-day never tasted so good!

And now to undo all the good work we started this January… dessert arrived. As part of the menu, you can treat yourself to a New York Cheesecake or The Black Orange. Although cheesecake has always been an absolute favourite of mine, curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the mysterious Black Orange – and I’m so glad I did! The best way to describe this fascinating dessert is a real-life Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Imagine two generous slices of orange, but instead of orange pulp inside the peel, it’s rich, tangy orange-laced chocolate cremeux. This dessert was so unique and utterly divine. The New York Cheesecake was, as always, sweet and savoury and a bit sinful. But I promise to be really good starting February!

It astounds me that STK can do so much for only QAR145. But with all the avid diners that are sure to flock to STK Doha to taste this scrumptious menu, they will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Saturday Roast is only QAR145 per person, 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, served family-style. You can add an extra QAR145 for special sips. For queries and reservations call 4484 8588 or send an email to [email protected]

Author: Charlotte Wright

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