One word – innovation – describes the culinary extravaganza that was the Prime Experience Menu. The technical wizardry of this menu wasn’t limited to the excellent flavour, the real wow factor was added in the impressive visual presentation of each dish. This menu contains five heavenly dishes each delicately tied together to create a wonderful culinary journey.

The venue sets the tone for the menu – the dark wooden fixtures and the leather high-backed chairs make the place feel like a real, authentic steak house.

To begin the meal, Chef Time Nolte presented us with a special surprise: homemade bread with chive olive oil, and a platter of beef brisket balls. You could tell that the bread was fresh out of the oven – every bite was soft and it made an excellent vessel to mop up all that delicious oil. The beef brisket was refreshingly tasteful, each ball didn’t only taste of meat but of an array of herbs and spices. The perfect start to this incredible menu!

The next course was a house-smoked burrata served with tomato jelly and heirloom tomato carpaccio. However, to add even more flavour and to awe us even more, the entire dish was smoked in fresh rosemary at the table! The lifting of the huge, glass dome reminded us very much of the time honoured tradition of the chef unveiling the dish by theatrically lifting the silver cloche to reveal the chefs masterpiece beneath. And the delicacy that awaited beneath was indeed a masterpiece.

Normally soup isn’t much of a show-stopper, but this Green Pea Soup was absolutely heavenly! The soup was decorated with two huge tiger prawns, fresh green peas, and seaweed whipped cream for an extra pop of flavour. I’ve never tasted pea soup before, and after tasting this delicacy I would try it again in a heartbeat!

To cleanse the pallet for the next course, Chef Nolte served us a delicious Granita which was a mojito sorbet served in an enchanting droplet of ice! While the strong bitter flavour may have been too much in any other menu, in this menu it served as the perfect, powerful pallet cleanser.

Now that our pallets were sufficiently cleansed, the next dish to appear on our table was the Atlantic Catch. This bed of squid ink linguine was topped with Prat Ar Coum oyster coulis and vine tomato salsa. It was impeccably seasoned and presented – and the taste was even better!

Now a meal that Prime is famous for… a steak! Prime’s Rossini Steak is an Australian Wagyu tenderloin, topped with seared foie gras, truffle jus, served on a heap of truffle mash potatoes. I think it might have been our favourite dish of the evening! The steak was done and flavoured to perfection, while the mash was light but creamy.

And finally… dessert! This dish wasn’t called Chocolate Decadence for nothing. The powdered, yellow shell was made of sensationally sweet chocolate with a scoop of ice cream hidden inside.

This menu was not only an experience – it was a sensation! The food servings were precise, theatrical, and designed to taunt your taste buds and leaving you savouring the flavour and in anticipation of the next course. Chef Tim Nolte did an excellent job with this menu!

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