If you’ve made the rounds of the different ‘brunch’ places in Doha, your standards for that ideal brunch place may be a bit higher than those of the regular brunch crowd. First thing you ask I suppose is, why choose this place over others? 

As a certified Marhaba foodie (we like food and that is a certifiable fact), constantly going to different places to eat pose some mind-boggling issues that definitely need addressing. How do we differentiate really good from good enough? Can we judge a place based on a dish?


We recently went to the Friday Family Brunch at Crowne Plaza Doha West Bay, offered at their Nidaaya restaurant. Nidaaya has consistently stayed on our list of top places for family gatherings, leisurely lunch and friendly staff. They offer good food, good service and overall, we leave the place feeling full and happy, always.

If you come here for the food, you will not be disappointed. Load up on the grilled spread and don’t miss the soup!


Food is still the top reason why anyone would want to go back to a restaurant. Food at Nidaaya is diverse enough to cater to everyone but not too overwhelming to leave you with so many choices, you’ll spend half the time choosing. They have a reasonable selection of Asian staples – Japanese appetizers and flavourful Vietnamese soup; grilled meat and seafood spread; roast lamb and chicken; and pizza – traditional and simple enough for kids and adults alike. Their dessert table, laid on the opposite side of the buffet, were filled with dainty cakes.


If you like to spend your Friday brunch listening to a live performance or have your soup to the tune of popular Spanish songs, this is where you should be. A small stage on one side of the restaurant provides some really catchy entertainment for everyone. The family dining beside our table was undoubtedly entertained, we could hear them requesting for songs and swaying with the music!

It’s kid-friendly! Nidaaya has a section for kids with their own kiddie-size buffet, colourful tables and dressed up clowns!


Of course, good service is an important factor at any service-oriented facility. Efficient and friendly staff could spell the difference between restaurants and Nidaaya offers friendly and efficient service. Case in point, we went to the grill station expecting to wait in line for our grilled meats. Instead, a staff asked us for our order, assign a number to our plate, and voila, our orders were delivered to our table. No confusion. And no waiting lines.


Reasonable price. This factor always boils down to the question of how much are you willing to pay for your well-being. Good food and good service come with a price, and for three and a half hours at least at Nidaaya, you can spend time with your family and friends feeling good about life.

How are you spending your Friday?

Friday Family Brunch at Nidaaya is from 12:30 pm to 4 pm, QAR245 per person including soft beverages. Upgrade to include special beverages available for an additional QAR200. Kids below five years old dine for free, while older kids, between six and 11 years old get 50% off the regular price. For reservations, call 4019 8876. 

Author: Lalaine Turqueza

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