Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl – Doha and Moving Young Artists have united their strengths once again to create an inspiring environment to persuade local young talents in the realisation of their most passionate dreams.

Last Saturday, 5 October, an unforgettable 60-minute concert was held in the Marsa Malaz Kempinski. The Venue was the glorious Lobby, decorated and eager to welcome an exuberant audience, passionate about music just as the anxious young talents. The purpose of the Moving Young Artists is to capture the attention of potential sponsors, partners, organisations, peers and volunteers in Qatar that could eventually part take on the realisation of these young prodigies’ ambitions.

Sonja Park and Joris Laenen, founders of MYA, said:

Nearly 8 years ago, our passion for music took us on a journey towards Doha, challenging us to undertake our true calling in a new environment. Music is the North Start of our lives, giving us guidance and we believe that it can have the same significant role in other lives as well. The foundation of MYA, supported by many others that share the same calling and motivation, was the first step towards the realisation of this lifetime project we initiated. We promote the ideal hoping to involve more people in the cause: reaching out to create awareness, creating a mind growing environment for the young artists and by promoting the concept of expressing one’s self or connecting with others.’

Raghu Menon, General Manager of the Kempinski properties in Doha, said:

It is with honor and pride that we collaborate once again with the truly altruistic MYA, a humane association which is very dear to our property and that allows us to take part in the propagation of talent, as well as bringing vibrant young energy into our majestic lobby.’

The nine talented aspiring artists from Doha are:
– Claudia Martinez, Violin
– Hala al Emadi, Piano
– Annie McChesney, Violin
– Mia Park Torchinsky, Piano
– William McChesney, Piano
– Julia Salvaggio, Violin
– Duo Said, Piano
– Arianne Sayegh, Vocal
– Prama Yudhistira, Piano