Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art hosted fifth edition Student Art Competition and Exhibition (SAC&E). More than 35 students from six schools across the country participated in the celebration of art and creativity among students in Qatar. Art enthusiasts can now visit the exhibition, on-going until 22 May, at the Education Space (Manara) at Mathaf.

Mathaf has been implementing a number of activities that advocate for art education. SAC&E encourages students aged between 9 to 18, along with teachers and parents, to explore modern and contemporary art by experiencing Mathaf’s permanent collection.

The exhibition titled ‘Visual Transparency’ explores the concept of multi-layered translucence in art and life, with students showcasing their interpretation of the theme through 20 unique artworks, using numerous mediums such as paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations.

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This year’s competition included the following schools: Al Shifa Bent Abdulrahman Al Ansari Primary School For Girls, Asma Bent Abu Bakr Primary School For Girls, Umm Salamah Primary School for Girls, Rouqaya Preparatory School for Girls, Moza Bent Mohammed Preparatory School for Girls and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Preparatory School for Boys, as announced by Deputy Director of Learning and Outreach at Mathaf Nahed Al Emadi.

Prior to the exhibition, Mathaf educators engaged in one-on-one sessions with art teachers and students from the participating schools, guiding their students into creating the showcased artworks. Students were encouraged to push the limit of their experimentation, exploring new and unexpected tools and materials.

Abdellah Karroum, Director of Mathaf, commented that Mathaf is proud to see more participants in the fifth year of the art competition. In addition to finding inspiration within the Mathaf collection, participating children are collaborating with Mathaf to create the exhibition at the museum for an exciting opportunity to play a role in exhibition design.

Since its establishment in 2010, Mathaf has worked to support creativity, promote dialogue and inspire new ideas among a thriving art community in Qatar. The museum offers ongoing learning opportunities for children, students, families and adults, drawing inspiration from modern and contemporary Arab art.

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