In preparation for their visit, they learnt about modern art and about artists who exhibit at Mathaf. To make their journey through the museum more engaging and memorable, the children were given various tasks: writing down the name of an artist they enjoyed from each room, making lists of the materials used, describing the sculptures outside the museum, finding a piece made of wood and a piece made up of separate elements; ending with a difficult task – one has to differentiate between oil, acrylic and watercolour paints.

The children were fascinated by the multitude of media used in the art on display, which included cardboard, rope, and thread alongside the more traditional paint and metal. They were intrigued by the curious shapes and sizes of certain pieces, as some of the paintings were not constricted to the expected rectangular picture frames, while some three dimensional works were not mounted on the usual stands.

The children commented on how light was used differently in each room and how the white floors made some spaces seem suspended. They collected information about the artists and their methods, and on their return to school they attempted to emulate them and make their own modern art.

Year 3 student Sofia, said:

I thought I had a big imagination before, but after seeing this art I feel that my imagination grew a lot bigger.’


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